Beans my good boy. 🤍

2021.09.28 14:28 Krisay Beans my good boy. 🤍

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2021.09.28 14:28 perkunas81 PA lawmakers consider bill to legalize recreational marijuana. News conference today at noon

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2021.09.28 14:28 SireAmok What is a telltale sign that you are upset?

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2021.09.28 14:28 cbvv1992 🔥50% Off Code – $14.49 Vibrating A.nAl Plug, Prostate Massager Stimulator (Adult Item!)

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2021.09.28 14:28 TrueNorthAmerica BREAKING: Pastor Artur Pawlowski ARRESTED again after landing at Calgary airport - Rebel News

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2021.09.28 14:28 GrassGroundbreaking3 momonga kinda sounds lonely

Rewatching the anime kinda feel bad for momonga he sounds really lonely without his friends he made when they were just building ygdrassil until it was only momonga left and momonga kinda understands why most of them left I just feel so bad for him i mean sure he has his own guards but they don't really call themselves a friend to momonga. What do you think about it?
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2021.09.28 14:28 papithered [UK] [H] SA Biso [W] PayPal


Only removed from bags for a photo, just looking for retail+paypal fees ($105) + shipping
down to ship worldwide.
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2021.09.28 14:28 OMGitsBroadway So, how do I do instant while rising moves?

So I've been trying to pick up Steve in my quest to learn every character in the game. There's a combo I've seen with Flicker b2 as the starter into ducking 1+2,1,2. Afterwards what I thought was simply a df1 to continue the combo turns out to be an instant while rising 1, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to do it. Any advice as to how to do this? I'm totally at a loss.
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2021.09.28 14:28 Strangeboganman The door gym tower is just resistance loops on an anchor set at the top and bottom. Highly suggest getting one to use with bands.

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2021.09.28 14:28 lochydjango bonds Subreddit Statistics

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2021.09.28 14:28 angeeksince2020 How to deal with scammer 101

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2021.09.28 14:28 ProfessionalQTip Friends

I want new friends, like the ones I have now are great and all, but they aren't like a good fit for my personality. I have to not be myself around them just so I dont have deal with them saying "why are you doing that" For example whenever I burp on the microphone I always say excuse me because thats how i grew up and its no point in changing it. Then they got mad because I had manner and on other occastions when I was being "nice" to someone they were being mean/toxic to. The reason I made this post was because lie 5 minutes I was playin Valorant ( A PC game) and I recently started playing to get better instead of playing just to play on all games. I finally got to Gold like a week after converting my sensitivity from all games over. My first thought after getting Gold was lemme go to group chat to say "Hey guys look I finally got to Gold, Im starting to see actual improvement when Im playing" Like something along those lines, but my next thought was do I really want to deal with them saying something sarcastic, or like something to completely shut down something I think is a accomplishment to my self. Its not even like i wanna brag and say"haha i got to gold you didn't" but like im just really happyproud cause i truly didnt think i could get to here before
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2021.09.28 14:28 Spirited_Run_9334 holup

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2021.09.28 14:28 ocarr737 Parents: Critical Race Theory is Divisive and Dangerous

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2021.09.28 14:28 Pale-Appearance-6270 I made a music video using only royalty free clips, how would you improve on it if you had the chance ?

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2021.09.28 14:28 CockroachEarly Any good tutorials for beginners?

Hey I just started learning both Python and also Ren'py. Do you guys know any good tutorials for DDLC modding?
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2021.09.28 14:28 draph91 Lo and behold my Zelda Hakama

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2021.09.28 14:28 Uniquely_Tama PLEASE be the the worst critic for my First game! i want to improve !

After 7 months of in and out development of my first ever game, i present to you the DEMO.
TAMA: Find Tama! , i wish to have constructive feedback from you and if you by chance actually liked the game then please share with your friends. I truly am a beginner to the game dev world so i hope you won't compare me too much to peer games i just want criticism to get better at developing
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2021.09.28 14:28 ammygy What's up with r/TechNewsToday's sub closing?

Apparently due to lack of interest, which I don't understand as they have a post 2 days ago with around 5k upvotes and 130+ comments.
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2021.09.28 14:28 jason9251 JJ look at what you’ve done

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2021.09.28 14:28 blegh_throwaway I made an honest mistake, but because of past toxic behavior, he thinks I'm still trying to be toxic.

So beginning this year my boyfriend started uni and we entered a LDR, he made a new female friend and I got rather jealous and it lasted for a while till we eventually had a big fight. I realized I was being toxic and started working on my behaviors and insecurities etc.
So a while ago that female friend started following him on insta, we talked a bit about how her account has mostly art and moved on. Earlier today I went to check out her account (since I'm also into art) And noticed my boyfriend followed her back (he didn't follow her back the moment she followed him)
So I went to ask him, would it be weird if I followed her. He said he followed her like 15 minutes ago and it might seem weird to follow her because of what happened. (he told her we had a fight and blocked her, after me and him sorted things out he unblocked her and apologized and still talks to her now).
Before the fight he used to always say that maybe I should just get to know her, so I thought maybe, following her would be a good start.
I ask him if he talks about me less now and then he tried to change the topic so I asked him "so I'm right then?". Which I admit, I shouldn't have. I'm afraid if he suddenly talks about me less now than before, what impression that might have on her about me. I'm generally a shy person and afraid of what other people think of me, so I didn't think it was too weird asking these questions.
We had a situation where he promised to something, and I ended up saying I think he's lying. He disliked that I said that because it feels like I don't trust him anymore. In my opinion it was just a misunderstanding because I only had half the info, so to me it seemed that he was promising to something that wasn't true. But because he had the full info, his promise was indeed true. So after he explained I apologized and told him why I thought he was lying.
Point is, I'm genuinely trying to now get closer to this girl and be more involved in my boyfriends life and his new friendships (he said he does still want me to). But it seems because of my past issues with this girl, if I ask questions, he tries to elaborate on other things and "defend" other areas. When really to me it no longer matters that it's this girl, it could be any other person and I just have a normal concern wether people like me or not. He still thinks I have ulterior motivations.
I think he's mostly hurt because I said I think he's lying, I explained myself and apologized but I feel like he can't see that it's just an honest mistake because his brain is still carrying thoughts of how I used to act. I gave him some space now, anything else I can possibly do or should just not do?
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2021.09.28 14:28 NilNCo Furry_irl

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2021.09.28 14:28 Mepheroni Interaction between Dr. Elli Horowitz and Crystallizer of Dreams

The Crystallizer of Dreams now has the following Erratum: The additional cost on this card should read: "As an additional cost to play this card...". - FAQ, v.1.9, June 2021 [see also The Hungering Blade]
Am I right in assuming that using Dr. Elli to find the Crystallizer does not shuffle the guardian into your deck (maybe this was already the case before)?
This would be very beneficial for the Crystallizer and very bad to use with the Hungering Blade.
Both cards for reference:
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2021.09.28 14:28 EmberParagon1 My girlfriend took me to a club for the first time and I was hella uncomfortable but I dont want to be.

So I wanna just start off by saying I love this girl dearly. I had never been to a club mainly cause I stayed home most of the time when not working before I met her. Wouldn't really consider myself "socially awkward" as I still went out and interacted with people but I never really went to parties or anything like a club growing up, but she's been going clubbing for years. When we got there we immediately got a drink and went out on the dance floor and she started dancing and I tried to match her rhythm and such and keep up but I kept accidently bumping into people and feeling cramped. I didn't want to ruin her night but after about 45 minutes I asked if we could leave. I think she could tell by my face and body language that I was very uncomfortable and we left. I hate that I ruined our night and I've felt awful since qnd I want to make it up to her by going back next chance we get but I want to make sure I'm ready for it and can handle being there for longer. Any advice you all could give to help me in this way would be greatly appreciated.
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2021.09.28 14:28 MattyBlayze Brix City Announces Weekly Release Including We Goin’ Sizzler!, Obituary, and In Blind Sight

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