Daily update of 900'ish mb on ios?

2021.09.28 16:00 Kennidelic Daily update of 900'ish mb on ios?

The last 2 weeks i have had to daily Download 930 something mb of updates, but that doesnt make any sense?
I remember reading about android having this issue, but what gives? I have monthly 200gb data via lebara mobile, so its not an issue really but it sucks having to waste 0.9 GB every day to play for an hour or two.
Using iPhone 7 32gb with latest ios.
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2021.09.28 16:00 Deagin Why do all lefty twitter content creators have the same type of picture?

they all have the weird lazer beams shooting out their eyes and shit,it bothers me more than it should.
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2021.09.28 16:00 ShortAlgo $BNGO Trading with Buy and Short signals on the chart https://t.co/0HFMR8xlYE https://t.co/0xBJFczpXe

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2021.09.28 16:00 RedditReadsBot The Last Man by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley [Classics](1826)

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2021.09.28 16:00 Adventurous-Stay-818 ForeverRich | Rebase token | Launched few hours ago | Big marketing coming | rebase in few hours | x1000

Did you miss out on ForeverFomo, ForeverHype, Gravity Token, GravitX? Well you've got the chance to get in early on a token that uses the same concept but with an improved contract to handle the current small struggles these tokens are having. Plus we're having a fair stealth launch to avoid bots.
We've made the changes necessary to have healthy tokenomics and a Blast-Off chart 🚀🚀🚀
What is a Rebase?
A price-elastic token, or a rebase token, is one where a project's total token supply is not fixed, but instead automatically adjusts to market coniditions.
These token supply adjustements, called "rebases" take place per market demand and are done in such a way that user's proportional holdings ultimately don't change and thus aren't diluted. Rebases are performed per a specific target price, with the idea being a token's nominal price will steadily be moved over time towards it's target, in our case, towards the moon 🚀 🌛
Different then just a normal pegged token or stablecoin, rebases make price-elastic tokens into synthetic commodities with fluctuating values and supplies that gradually stabilize. Ultimately, rebases are designed to be tradable and potientally extremely profitable.
Future of ForeverRich:
We have extensively tested our project on the testnet. There has been a lot of testing going on pre-launch. This is a fair stealth launch. Our buy/sell tax is going to be lower than most reward tokens avalaible, this will help the projects longevity.
We plan to be a better version of stablecoins and altcoins mixed together, for many years to come.
3% Liquidity Fee
3% Marketing Fee
1% Buyback
1% Ecosystem
BUY HERE: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x70745a7681be34506f2cfd88acd4d76d658b3569
Contract: 0x70745a7681be34506f2cfd88acd4d76d658b3569
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x70745a7681be34506f2cfd88acd4d76d658b3569#readContract
LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x7b7e2dB1A9E1e5763B6b44537F6687CC07AA5007
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2021.09.28 16:00 Prolificvisions After beating God of War, I really hope they don't pull a Last of Us 2 and make the Atreus the main character at some point. Nintendo never replaced Mario in cannon Mario games, and their games always sell. There is absolutely no reason to change characters.

I know God of War: Ragnarok is coming out, but it just seems like they are headed for this direction. There have been a lot of sequels that have been doing this, i.e., Wolfenstein, Gears of War, Devil May Cry. Most games are not well received when they just up and change the main character that makes the game. Last of Us 2 was an amazing game, but the character change never sat well with me even with such a good story-line.
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2021.09.28 16:00 NinjaGmBh I wonder if i will be able to play today

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2021.09.28 16:00 spetrof7 Cute babies and dogs | funny & cute dogs

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2021.09.28 16:00 Rich_Being Best tier 1 ship

What's the best tier 1 ship and why?
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2021.09.28 16:00 fecktk Facebook announced plans to responsibly build a metaverse by investing 50 billion into research and global partners.

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2021.09.28 16:00 ShortAlgo $BLNK Awaiting Buy signal on BLNK https://t.co/4CyUkrn6ii

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2021.09.28 16:00 Corruptorr Devilsknife

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2021.09.28 16:00 phoenix-007 LOGIC 100

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2021.09.28 16:00 RedOwlNSFW Megurine Luka fanart so far, by me. I'll continue working on it when I find some time

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2021.09.28 16:00 bigchilesucks Bag of Shame

I used to have what I called my bag of shame which is basically all my bottles stored around my room. Last night I went to a friends house and decided to get rid of about 2 weeks worth of bottles. I didn't throw them out once I quit drinking because I didn't even feel strong enough to look at an empty bottle.
I sat down with her and started pulling out bottles hid among hoodies and sweaters. 3 bottles and 2 beer bottles into it, I thought, "Oh it's not too bad." Then I got the bottom and there was a plastic bag. Inside that bag, I started pulling out bottle after bottle. One of them had about an inch high of liquor, normally, I take that sip "to not waste any". Last night, I did not.
We looked at my long row of empties and for once, I didn't feel shame. I just felt good to know that it was over. For anyone struggling, it does get easier. Quitting drinking doesn't automatically fix our entire lives, but it does make it easier to fix it ourselves.
I still have my struggles and still have stress, but I have a clear mind and am more capable of dealing with situations. Before, I would drink to avoid thinking of the bad things about my life and was always scared to deal with things while sober. I've finally fully accepted that it's just easier to deal with the BS rather than continually numbing myself and ignoring difficult situations.
My account is happy. My family life is improving. My work life is getting smoother. My absolute favorite, not having hangovers.
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2021.09.28 16:00 smartybrome Microsoft 365 Ultimate Course 2021

Microsoft 365 Ultimate Course 2021
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2021.09.28 16:00 Buy_hold_WS_will To all $AMC newbies!

Don’t panic, Citadel will have to cover someday. When they do you’ll be paid handsomely for your patience.
Not financial advice.
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2021.09.28 16:00 ShortAlgo $BAX Awaiting Buy signal on BAX https://t.co/jIRciALWKv

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2021.09.28 16:00 congressbot H.R. 5382: To provide grants to State, local, territorial, and tribal law enforcement agencies to purchase chemical screening devices and train personnel to use chemical screening devices in order to enhance law enforcement efficiency and protect law enf

Introduced: Sponsor: Rep. Conor Lamb [D-PA17]
This bill was referred to the House Committee on the Judiciary which will consider it before sending it to the House floor for consideration.
Govtrack.us Summary
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2021.09.28 16:00 Designer_Tone3988 Calçados com minha marca!!!

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2021.09.28 16:00 VegetaFan9001 Every Death Battle song so far ranked from my least favoirte to my favorite.

  1. Widow's Kiss
  2. Winter Sonata
  3. Prencess Of Power
  4. Olympus Mons
  5. Devil Of The Night
  6. Frozen Fire
  7. Apex Of Doom
  8. Dragons & Dumplings
  9. One-Winged Devil
  10. Behond 2099
  11. Battle At The Zoo
  12. Chorus Of Carnage
  13. Shredding Silver
  14. Resident Rising
  15. Madness Envenom
  16. Titans Of Magic
  17. Goodbye, Chimichanga
  18. Webbed Wings
  19. Red Witer
  20. A Strange Fate
  21. Hearts of Light
  22. Draconic Robtics
  23. Elements Of Alchemy
  24. Unlocking Heaven
  25. American Phantom
  26. I Am All Of Mewtwo
  27. You Have Failed This City
  28. The Dark Lord
  29. Kings Of Infinty
  30. Chaos Unraveled
  31. Thunder Of Wonder
  32. Force & Lightning
  33. Suit Yourself
  34. Gods Of Destruction
  35. Days Of Booster Past
  36. Turtle And Toad
  37. Full Course Will
  38. Ikari
  39. Blood Moon
  40. Shoenen Showdown
  41. Falcon Uncaged
  42. Blood Gulch Beldam
  43. Kings Of Iron
  44. Stars Of The Universe
  45. One Hundred Percent
  46. Teenage Morphin Ninja Power
  47. Blood On Broken Glass
  48. Sirens Of Combat
  49. Four Fist Death Punch
  50. Final Breath
  51. Thunder Shroud
  52. Emerald Heroes
  53. Way Past Flash
  54. Kings Of The Sea
  55. Retro Rivals
  56. K.O Computer
  57. Appetite For Greed
  58. Crash And Burn
  59. Ride Into Hell
  60. Marvelous
  61. Watch Out, Samurai!
  62. Pokémon VS Digimon MASHUP THEME
  63. Danaerous Gaze
  64. Exo
  65. Stronger Toghether
  66. Infection Perfection
  67. Reverse Rose
  68. Watts Up Danger
  69. Mega Mania
  70. Mighty
  71. Fight Like A Devil
  72. Alive
  73. Lost Ice Storms
  74. Bizarre Stars
  75. Wings Of Iron
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2021.09.28 16:00 lisaleo327 How did wanda and vision(which you know is not a human) have a romantic relationship?

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2021.09.28 16:00 VMagturo A girl that's out of my league likes me

Hello everybody, I am 16m and I got confessed to by a girl classmate online, she's a model and even got on some TV shows here. One day she saw my video project that I had sent to class and she said she liked my voice, so basically this girl started flirting to me, I don't know how to react because it's been a while since I've interacted to someone outside my friend group. I like her but I start to question myself, do I like her because I like her or is it because she's attractive?
I don't know how to interact with her and I'm afraid that if we do end up together it won't last. We're basically polar opposites because I'm introverted and she's really out going. I honestly don't know what to feel, I'm afraid to get hurt but in the other hand I like her. What should I think or do in this predicament
I'm very sorry if this is hard to read, English is not my first language
TLDR: I got confessed to by a model classmate, I like her but I don't know how to feel or react because I'm really insecure about myself
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2021.09.28 16:00 ShortAlgo $BE Awaiting Short signal on BE https://t.co/DRUoFkhbYM

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2021.09.28 16:00 rumbletom Kaitlyn Dever, Mackenzie Foy & Cailee Spaeny

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