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Day 19 of leaking memes from my basement

2021.09.28 15:42 Particular_Stable_74 Day 19 of leaking memes from my basement

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2021.09.28 15:42 austinrunrun Cyclist here -- why aren't cycling and running the same?

I just switched from cycling to running. There's a lot of things I learned in cycling. I think they could really help people in running. Who knows? Maybe Kipchuggy could run a faster marathon if he just tried these.
My ideas:

  1. Micro-optimize your shoes with shims, wedges, and arch support.
  2. Shave your legs to be more aero.
  3. Use the Stryd™ Running Power™ or average vertical speed (VAM) instead of silly measures like pace or heart rate.
  4. Spend 5 hours on a Saturday eating Gu and Clif Bars exercising.
  5. Obsess over your power curve.
If I'm missing something, then please correct me. I'm just arrogantly assuming I know better than running pros a new runner.
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2021.09.28 15:42 No-Tomatillo-5579 YOU CAN 0-3-5 THE HIGH STRING TOO AND THEN PLAY EMO MUSIC

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2021.09.28 15:42 Stanleys_potential Favourite things.

Do you have favourite things? YOU DO? Ok then, what’s one of the favourite things in your house RIGHT NOW? Lol.
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2021.09.28 15:42 OTC-PINK1 $MSPC News Just Out Crown Electrokinetics Signs First Commercial Agreement with Proptech-Focused Real Estate Holding Company, MetroSpaces

$MSPC News Out Crown Electrokinetics Signs First Commercial Agreement with Proptech-Focused Real Estate Holding Company, MetroSpaces
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2021.09.28 15:42 GeneralNguyen Naturally Polyphasic - After More Than One Year with Flexible Dual Core Sleep!

Naturally Polyphasic - After More Than One Year with Flexible Dual Core Sleep! So, this month has marked one year that I stayed on one polyphasic schedule straight, and needless to say it has been truly some astounding experience.
I started off with a fixed schedule, Dual Core 2 (2 2.5h cores and 2 20m naps) before learning to flex each sleep block gradually (see my profile for past adaptation to DUCAMAYL, which took another solid 6 weeks to adapt to). It is hard to believe that this polyphasic schedule has allowed me to achieve the level of flexibility that I have been desiring for so so long, after all these years.
After about ~9 months in, I started being able to wake up without requiring alarm clocks for the first core sleep (which usually starts around ~10 PM back then, on average, and no later than roughly midnight). I have been averaging about ~5h40m sleep each day up until that point. Then, I realized that my updated work schedule, which got more hectic, would not allow me to nap twice a day on average...
As a result of this shift, my schedule adapted to the requirements of work and daily timetable so that it can sustain itself for an even longer period of time. My last resort was to add some more sleep to the first core around late evening hours (which now lasts anywhere between ~3-4h, though on some rare occasions I still woke up on my own after ~2.5h, just like when I was adapting to the strict DC2 mentioned above). Since then, I have only been napping one a day for most weekdays (the nap is flexible, and starts anywhere between ~12 PM and ~1-1:30 PM). Some days, if possible, I nap after work, so around ~15-20m mostly to refresh myself after a long day at work. I've been mostly working from home, but before this period, I've had some months working at my office, and so I got used to napping in my office, as well.
Rough Sketch of my DUCAMAYL variant
Now, after more than 1 year, here are the "magical" things that I can do with my sleep schedule:
  • I never need an alarm again for any sleep blocks, including whatever naps I choose to take, during weekdays and weekends.
  • My naps often range from ~10(ish) minutes anywhere up to ~40m (although more consistently around ~20-30m range). If a midday nap lasts for ~30-40m for example, I won't need any extra naps after work. Likewise, if the nap is short, and I can find some room/or need to take another nap after work, I nap after work. I avoid late naps (after ~6-6:30 PM).
  • My first core sleep at night often averages 3h in length, and now can consistently start at 11 PM, rather than as early as 9:30 PM before.
  • My second core sleep is very consistent, around 2.5h throughout. Sometimes a bit shorter, 2h20m for example. But never went beyond 2.5h at all.
  • The wake period between 2 cores is anywhere between 2h and ~4h, depending on days. Though, this wake gap is consistently narrower on weekdays than on weekends.
  • My total sleep is dynamic, but now it's usually around ~6h sleep everyday, of course with some variance, which is only 1h of sleep reduction from my monophasic baseline (~7h).
Even though I now sleep ~6h a day (which is something I have grown to accept a bit of sacrifice. Now what benefits do I have from following this sleep schedule?
  • Social time in the evening. It sounds like a fairy tale with a Dual Core schedule whose core often impedes these hours, right? Well, all I need to do is put on a pair of red glasses (when dark period begins, some time before the first core). Then, I can have some family time until ~10:30 PM-11:30 PM (or as early as 10 PM if I have a tiring day at work) before I head to bed for the first core sleep.
  • Flexibility of sleep times. Thanks to the total sleep that I welcome, and with repeated exposure to flexible sleep times, now I can quite easily arrange a nap at different hours (except late naps) to work around daily commitments. The same thing with the core sleep, as I can move the whole schedule back (on occasional Saturday night hangouts that force me to delay the first core), or just the first core to suit the situation. All it takes is just ~2-3 days to get back on the previous sleep habits. The ability of my schedule to recover from such damages is what I really love about it.
  • High tolerance of exercise volumes. I still manage to keep my gym habits (at home), although not as intense as when I was building a lot of muscles back then, due to lockdown. But recovery after all workouts never fail me. If I am particularly sore, it takes the second core sleep, and some nap(s) and maybe just an extra day for me to be on my toes for the next workout again.
  • High compatibility with my daily productivity. 6h sleep on polyphasic sleep definitely sounds like A LOT in the previous era of E3 and Uberman. However, I have come to know that the best amount of total sleep is the amount that perfectly fits an individual. For me, currently I do not need extra time that much. 1h extra each day is strong enough. More extra time and I will start to "worry" about what to do at this or that hour. So to me it's better to just "sleep a bit extra" to cover up those idle hours anyway. This also means I need to manage my time better, because now I'm getting a bit more sleep than before - which is also a good thing!
  • Long-term durability. This feature is somewhat similar to the flexibility feature above, but it shows how durable the schedule really is. Because I am happy with a ~6h average (some days a bit more, like 6h combined both cores and 2 20m naps), a decent amount of sleep allows me to further enhance sleep flexibility, and recovery when some events happen to strike the first core. I have never feared having to abandon the schedule at all, even when I know that I have to push the first core sleep back to ~2 or 3 AM after some social nights. These events do not happen often, I keep them in check, and I always follow the Dual Core structure of having 2 core sleeps and at least 1 nap daily. I don't, and won't need to complicate the schedule with more strange mechanics aside from occasionally extending one of the core sleeps to account for subpar quality nights. Again, these do not happen often, and I strive to have the best sleep preparation and hygiene possible everyday. Because I only take 1 midday nap on weekdays usually, it allows me to stay awake for a long period of time (~8-9h) to take care of work and demands from my company.
  • Fast sleep onset and lucid dreaming. And lastly, the generic benefits of polyphasic sleep. Although sometimes it does take me ~10m to fall asleep in the cores, it's still a lot better than on monophasic. And I sleep soundly pretty much every night and wake up refreshed, because there is no alarm intervention and entrained habits for a long time. And lucid dreaming, the second core is a generous stock daily, giving me a lot of dream recalling. Sometimes the midday nap does, but much less so as I already got most sleep duration at night.

All in all, not needing any alarm clocks has been my dream, and it has happened after sufficient time staying consistent to the schedule. It did take many months to "rewire" things, but this is definitely my most wanted ending. I have been having A LOT of fun with Dual Core sleep, and it really surprises me what it can really do. I know this variant has some generous amount of sleep and more than what people look for in Everyman sleep, but still, it's some great feat. One of the most compelling reasons is that I do not reduce much sleep at all, so I am able to sleep and wake up naturally after some time. Total sleep is not a top priority (in terms of how much sleep I can reduce each day), and not having to stress about it surely allows me to fully explore the potentials of the sleep schedule itself. Of course, it will still not fit people with a very dynamic lifestyle that requires staying awake consistently until midnight everyday, people who cannot nap in the day at all, or people with no time to adapt to a fixed schedule beforehand (which is, oh boy, a lot of steps).

Currently, as in 2021, I've had nearly 7 years of polyphasic sleep experience (6 straight years), so it's definitely a big help. I plan to do an AMA session in November, when it'll mark the 7-year anniversary. Until then, I am happy to share a utility sleep schedule for you today.

Stay safe and be well.
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2021.09.28 15:42 JaspersJazzclub HLI, dass zu den Sprachen Papua-Neuguineas, je nach Quelle, 700 bis 860 verschiedene Sprachen gehören.

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2021.09.28 15:42 selfdrivingfool World's first mobile 5G Plan to run on Helium. How is this not bigger news?!

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2021.09.28 15:42 Clarax_YT Hey guys I was thinking of redrawing someone’s art and well I did it I added more lighting so yeah!

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2021.09.28 15:42 bcameron1231 Looking for some help!

Hi Everyone,
Long time lurker, first time caller. I recently replaced my furnace for a Heat Pump / Air Handler. I live in a colder weather climate here in Colorado, and I'm curious what everyone's impression are of these All Weather Top Accessories or similar builds (such as a small roof to put to protect the unit from snow)? https://www.americanstandardair.com/products/heating-and-cooling/air-conditioners/all-weather-top-accessory/
We get quite a bit of snow where I live in the winter time, and I've seen mixed reviews of the best way to protect your heat pump from build up. The Heat Pump / Air handler aren't my primary heat source for winter, but new to the game and I'd like to find the most maintenance friendly solution. :)
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2021.09.28 15:42 No-Importance8374 Any ideas on what just happened here...

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2021.09.28 15:42 Red-Duvet Bulk valuing

Hello everyone, when I was younger I collected pokemon cards. Now, 15 odd years later, I have found about 200 cards in a binder at my parents house. None of them are in mint condition but most are in very good condition. Can anyone suggest a way that I can check if any of them are worth anything? I'm in the UK if that helps.
Thanks in advance <3
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2021.09.28 15:42 greenteaicedtea First time I’ve ever found these! (Juan de Fuca Provincial Park BC)

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2021.09.28 15:42 jujubeans8500 When piercers give you differing, possibly bad advice.....?

Hello all! I've been struggling hard with irritation bumps for three piercings - two flats and a "snug" (not really, it was pierced incorrectly and is more of a cartilage piercing I guess). The oldest piercing is 3 years old and the newer ones are already a year old. I don't know the brands, but they are all titanium piercings. I've tried EVERYTHING - hot compresses, cold compresses, tea bags, leaving it alone, salt soaks, saline cleaning, dermatologist visits to inject. I've been to myriad piercers to discuss - and I've realized that if you go to six piercers, you'll get six different answers. I was told to swap out the snug for a shorter piece, so I did that. And then yesterday a new shop told me I needed a longer piece, so it got switched out again. Shops think any other shop is bad, and assume the piercing jewelry wasn't titanium, when it was. Or they'll make fun of the kind of jewelry used, but I've only gone to reputable shops similar to each other. One artist will tell me to use heat while another tells me the bumps need cold. I've also been given "dubious" advice that I know others condemn, but it's not the internet telling me to do these things - it's proper piercers. Some places have told me to use Bactine. Yesterday, not only was I charged a fee for "treating an infection" - which the piercer did not do, she's not a doctor! - but was told to apply a Bayer paste to the bumps. Then I read that's the worst thing to do!!! And for each piercer that tells me I am dealing with irritation bumps, another will call them keloids or scars.
I guess my question is - how do I wade through the advice? I want to trust everyone, but when piercers are telling me opposite things, or advice I know to be doubtful, I don't know what to do. It just makes me want to give up. I am so desperate that I'd try anything. And then I get charged for all these conults and the re-switching out of jewelry, so that adds up. I guess I think I will stumble upon the magical piercer who will cure me, but it hasnt happened yet. So if anyone has experience getting mixed messages from piercers, or generally how to fix the most stubborn of irritation bumps, my sanity and wallet would thank you!
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2021.09.28 15:42 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 15:42 jonsarkin Quorum, Jon Sarkin, Mixed media on foam core, 2004

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2021.09.28 15:42 fustreiche NSION Technologies & Maptelligent Strategic Partnership

$MAPT News Out- NSION Technologies & Maptelligent Strategic Partnership https://finance.yahoo.com/news/nsion-technologies-maptelligent-strategic-partnership-113000065.html?soc_src=social-sh&soc_trk=tw&tsrc=twtr via @Yahoo
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2021.09.28 15:42 Blaizyn This would be fun when my doors are off. Adding this to thi list....

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2021.09.28 15:42 WATEHMELOAN (Redraw) Eye of Cthulhu

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2021.09.28 15:42 mucuna_67 Why would a recently deceased person have a vial of blood with the label torn off in their apartment?

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2021.09.28 15:42 Zaleque Calling dibs on that item right there.

Calling dibs on that item right there. No matter what it is, you guys can't pick it up, it's mine now
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2021.09.28 15:42 Yosoress Siri play DOWN by Jay sean

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2021.09.28 15:42 ozuna_e designed some guard pops!

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2021.09.28 15:42 TeslaNova50 Stacking insulin

How many here do it? Be honest.
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2021.09.28 15:41 NewsElfForEnterprise Test Drive: The 2022 Rivian R1T electric pickup is a game-changing truck

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