z3ash 78974 hsyzs 8kfeb 88dnn t36ze tf7t2 drybk kk589 i7ita ns9s7 k9yfz 445zh s33b5 are6k dehr2 h5ehi aziy5 7it38 5ezth ry2yn 💩 Mini Poop 💩 - Stealth Launched - Low MCAP - x1000 incoming - Doxxed dev - Clean chat - Bullish chart - Real poop |

💩 Mini Poop 💩 - Stealth Launched - Low MCAP - x1000 incoming - Doxxed dev - Clean chat - Bullish chart - Real poop

2021.09.28 15:32 Every_Customer5552 💩 Mini Poop 💩 - Stealth Launched - Low MCAP - x1000 incoming - Doxxed dev - Clean chat - Bullish chart - Real poop

Stealth Launched: Cuz it stinks 🤢
💩 Mini Poop 💩 Is your life shit? well, at least hold some shares of it 🙆‍♀️
💩 Website : minipoop.io
Contract: 0xc83e4f9625836530a06a529831d52fef33506147
📈Low, Low Mcap of 25 K at the moment of writing this post! Going parabolic straight to 1-5 MLN MCAP! (have you seen the toy fly? it's us!)
💯Legitimate and genuine meme token! Plans to do a mini poop swap♻️ and mini poop wallet💰 in the future!
Extremely experienced dev makes the chart look more than bullish!
(imagine bull being boosted by poop he throws from the back :) )
Not renounced ownership for one reason: to keep the chart healthy, rewards are not credited to make sure we don't go down!
Fully doxxed dev from Poland to make sure your funds are SAFU!
🔥Manual burns to make sure that circulating supply decreases.?
🤖Non-botted chat, we never use any fake influencers to make sure that chat contains only real people!🙅‍♂️
Unruggable and SAFU 💯 If you don't believe it, whatever, man, it's just poop.
💧 10% Auto LP (increased to generate more LP)(also you can use that liquid to wash your hands 🤲)
📈 5% PooCoin Reward (poocoin pls promote us) (disabled until volume)
🏦 5% Marketing wallet (cuz you want us to promote the coin, I believe)
🔥 manual burn (does poop catch on fire? let's see)
👥 Team: SAFU 💯so don't talk shit.
➡️ Pancakeswap : https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xc83e4f9625836530a06a529831d52fef33506147
➡️ Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0xc83e4f9625836530a06a529831d52fef33506147#readContract
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2021.09.28 15:32 kernals12 The Mount Vernon Trail is a popular recreational walking and cycling path along the Potomac River in Washington. Plans are to widen it

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2021.09.28 15:32 niuz-bot Vrancea: Peste 10% din decesele cauzate de noul coronavirus în judeţ de la începutul pandemiei s-au înregistrat în ultima lună - [Articole]

Peste 10% din totalul deceselor de la începutul pandemiei, la persoane care s-au îmbolnăvit cu virusul SARS-CoV-2 în Vrancea, s-au înregistrat în luna septembrie a… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare: https://www.g4media.ro/vrancea-peste-10-din-decesele-cauzate-de-noul-coronavirus-in-judet-de-la-inceputul-pandemiei-s-au-inregistrat-in-ultima-luna.html
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2021.09.28 15:32 KingOfTheSeasLuffy Omg this sub needs to chill with the powerscaling

I would rather see a million more Yamato cosplays and the same old Doughflamingo dad joke than another 'wHo wiLl wiN" post. Like even the lowest effort shit posts on MemePiece take more effort and are more interesting than powerscaling. Bro no, even blank posts with like an empty white image with nothing written on them are more interesting to look at than powerscaling posts.
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2021.09.28 15:32 LeCcesleS Join the Nudes Any% Discord Server!

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2021.09.28 15:32 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 15:32 besweeet Hardstyle Mix 010: September 2021 (Audiotricz, Sound Rush, SZP, MYST, Vertex, GPF, and More!)

Hardstyle Mix 010: September 2021 (Audiotricz, Sound Rush, SZP, MYST, Vertex, GPF, and More!) submitted by besweeet to mixes [link] [comments]

2021.09.28 15:32 sadphilosophylover Is there a philosophical read discussing self-harm?

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2021.09.28 15:32 Blessing-2020 Let’s go

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2021.09.28 15:32 Ophelia913 I really don't want to admit how long this took me to finally get this damn cow!

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2021.09.28 15:32 Shirley-Black Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari - Naofumi x Filo x Raphtalia x All Members - The Rising Of The Shield Hero

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2021.09.28 15:32 MyBrainsInPain I only wake up to go back to sleep.

The only reason I get out of bed at all is because my body can’t physically sleep 24 hours a day, if it could, that’s what it’d be doing. And when I do get up, I’m just desperately (and pretty unsuccessfully) trying to make the time not feel like it’s slowed to a crawl and pass enough of it so that I can sleep for as long as possible again. I take a bunch of melatonin every night to try to stave off my bouts of insomnia and keep me down for as long as possible, as quickly as possible.
I don’t want to be awake. Hell, I don’t want to be alive, by even killing myself takes effort. Already failed once. You might be mistaken for thinking I have more energy than I do cause I work out every day, but honestly, I mainly do it to pass the time quicker and because for the windows of time I do have to be awake, I already hate the way I look, so the stress of letting myself go would actually expend more energy than the exercise. Not that it helps, I still look like shit. But a lot of that is all the grotesque scars I’ve covered myself in. Sometimes I feel like I’d rather amputate my arm than have to look at them, but they’re all over me anyway, my arm’s just got the most.
But I don’t have any reason to be alive. There’s nothing I enjoy, nothing I want to do or be here for. I just exist. I’ve been treated like shit by almost everyone who’s entered my life, and the few that haven’t treated me like garbage didn’t fucking care anyway. I’ve never once had anyone just check in with me. Ever. Doesn’t fucking matter now though, I don’t have anyone in my life at all anymore. It’s just not worth it. There was no good and a ton of bad, so why subject myself to it? I just wish I could find some way not to feel so goddamn lonely all the time, it’s not like I want to interact with people anyway, so why does my brain make me suffer for a decision that’s really the only logical answer?
I know people say shit like “just enjoy the little things” but I don’t enjoy anything. Not big or little. I can’t remember what “enjoying” something even feels like, it seems alien to me. It’s been years. Nothing matters to me and I can’t just flip a switch to start enjoying things. I can’t just take a walk and “enjoy” nature or one of those other generic suggestions, I literally can’t remember how.
Therapy doesn’t help either. Years of therapy and multiple therapists hasn’t helped with any of it, not the anhedonia, the body image issues, the depression, the suicidal thoughts, the social problems, none of it. I feel worse now than when I started. Same thing with the medication, dozens and dozens of antidepressants, antipsychotics, mood stabilisers, no effects whatsoever. No improvements or even negative side effects, just nothing. I can’t try any more specific treatments either, like ECT because I’ve been so depressed for so long that I can’t work so I can’t afford it. Tried more “experimental” treatments in the form of psychedelics too, cause that gets suggested a lot, and I hated every part of those experiences, again, it didn’t help at all.
I just don’t know what to do, I’m beyond burnt out on life, and I can’t even summon the motivation to kill myself, this is the worst I’ve ever felt and I’ve been stuck here for so long. I don’t know what to do.
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2021.09.28 15:32 BigManJevnikarV2 Is this a normal part of DPDR

Hello, Just looking for some advice. Going to keep the story short as i can so i dont ramble, then i will get to my main question at the end =). I microdosed mushrooms for 2 months. 2 weeks ago today was my last one. 2 weeks ago tonight i experienced my first RANDOM panic attack, followed by feeling super high and trippy and disassociated. This persisted every couple of days and slowly got better after i learned what it was and tried to combat and overcome it. I am not sure if mushrooms caused this, as it just came out of nowhere one night, and have not felt the same since. However this is all i have to go off of.
Also a key point to put out there, 1.5 months or so ago, i purchased a pure CBD pen from a local shop. Turns out it was a fake, it was really DELTA 8 THC labeled at CBD. It totally fucked me up, almost called am ambulance. Thought i was puffing CBD and i was just blasted into this panic high i never want to feel again. However the effects from that went away in a couple days.
The reason i mention the above experience is because whenever i get a DPDR panic attack episode, it feels EXACTLY how i felt during that fake CBD pen experience. However this was 1.5 months ago. I am still puzzled as to why my DPDR came out of the blue one night just randomly.

I have completely stopped use of any substances, even alcohol. No mushrooms in 2 weeks. And for the past 4-5 days, i almost thought i recovered finally in that short amount of time. However yesterday evening i just noticed i felt off when my GF came home. Like typical symptoms, "why does time feel weird" just the constant loop of reality thoughts, reality checking myself, thinking about DPDR CONSTANTLY. Then POOF random panic attack last night for NO reason. Heart rate got up to 100 watching netflix. So i got up right away and splashed cold water in my face and felt better, but my anxiety persisted all night. Slept like 4 hours even with melatonin. Was scared to call asleep just racing thoughts all night long.
So im just wondering why this happens randomly. Ill feel normal for a while then poof panic attack and dpdr feeling following it. Maybe i was thinking about dpdexistential thoughts too much? Overthinking reality too much? Sometimes its just hard to get it out of my mind.
I know im not losing my mind, or dreaming, not in a simulation, not going crazy, and i know theres no reason to be scared. But after each panic episode i feel these things.
Is it a good sign these things aren't daily and constant? like i said still confused why this came out of nowhere and now i don't feel the same since.
I will just be cooking dinner for my girlfriend and literally will just start to think about my conciousness and reality and "what is everything" "what am i doing what is reality what is conciousness" and this spirals out of control. Its SO FUCKING STUPID and i dont know why i cant tell my mind to fuck off and shut up.
Thanks so much for listening to be ramble and babble. hope i can gain some insight from you guys. This isnt ruining my relationship,work,things i enjoy, its just fucking annoying
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YOUTUBERS LIFE 2 | YOUTUBERS SHOWCASE TRAILER submitted by demonol to MediaDiscord [link] [comments]

2021.09.28 15:32 Narrow_Analyst2841 Again

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2021.09.28 15:32 Stunning-Mountain392 ⚡MiniThor⚡ Fairlaunch in 45 min | Don't miss this big fairlaunch with 10 BNB of initial liq | Contract deployed , fairlaunch without presale or whitelist! ⚡

⚡Thor finally arrives at binance and in the best way, with an initial liquidity of 10 bnb, which will be blocked after launching for 3 years, join our telegram where we are about to reach 2000 members, any questions you have there we will solve for you ⚡
👑Contract: 0xdccb2865516f7e6a3c085d071412bd43590114a9
👑Buy Here:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x7b96c4515b3d01a2860def7e30c271742c308c0e
👑Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x7b96c4515b3d01a2860def7e30c271742c308c0e#readContracthttps://bscscan.com/token/0x7b96c4515b3d01a2860def7e30c271742c308c0e#readContract
🌐Website: https://minithor.io/(coming soon )
🔐 Liquidty locked 3 YEAR
We are listed on coinhunt, currently in top1 and we are on gemsfinder on the top too!
Total supply:
Initial burn: 45%
Pancakeswap: 50%
Marketing: 3%
Dev/Teamwork: 2%
12% Buy tax
18% Sell tax
Website launch
Influencer marketing start
Twitter contest
1k members in telegram group
2k followers on twitter
1M marketcap reached
Listing on coingecko
Listing on coinmarketcap
Techrate audit
Partnership with influencers
10k members in Telegram group
20k followers on Twitter
Minithor merch
10M marketcap reached
Increase marketing
Memes from community
Cex listing
Minithor Airdrop
Additional info:
Liquidity locked for two years on DxSale
Ownership renounce
10 BNB's of Initial liquidity
Techrate audit in second phase
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2021.09.28 15:32 hearthfos 1st anniversary flower stand

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2021.09.28 15:32 okyouknowwhatFML Ah-

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2021.09.28 15:32 GoodLibrarian Night Cat by Andrius Matijosius

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2021.09.28 15:32 aryatho Lyla, Convergence Sage

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2021.09.28 15:32 hackintosh-expert The Best Torrent for Hackintosh 🟢

We gladly recommend uTorrent Web for your macOS ❇️

uTorrent Web 🟢

Easy to use: download Torrent-files from your Browser.

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2021.09.28 15:32 cosmofur Looking for a way from vsphear to control boot behavior of otherwise identical instances

First let me identify my goal:
I want to create a base CentOS-7 Template that when I create new instances with that template, it can take on different roles based on how I built it, rather than having to manually configure it, post build.
The approach I'm thinking about is to use the Tagging system, have the template have some burnt into the template init.d or systemd scripts that will query the instances 'tags' that will drive what services that particular instance will enable.
But looking a that documentation about tagging, I don't see a way for a running instance to query it's own tags. (especially trying to avoid any sort of hardwired IP query or anything that would prevent the instance from being launched in one of multiple different security zones with different restrictive firewall requirements, API calls via URLS is likely to be looked poorly by security as it would effectively giving an attack vector from a client to its host.)
Is there a best practice for doing something like this? Having an instance be able to self identify it's function based on value set during its build? Some sort of editable meta data?
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2021.09.28 15:32 RealValXXX The Beautiful Yoly Venezoalna

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2021.09.28 15:32 Hrose572 A little multichrome experiment

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2021.09.28 15:32 nolandorn Kid challenges LPD officer to balloon sword fight

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