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Badass games

2021.10.23 05:39 Matrix638 Badass games

Can you reccomend any games where you are a one man army, almost unkillable god like doom 2016 and any dog of war game before the 4th game
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2021.10.23 05:39 Overtilted Strikvraag

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2021.10.23 05:39 Xintrosi Least favorite and most favorite thing about watching YouTube Lets Plays

Let me start by saying all playstyles are valid ways of engaging with the game but certain approaches are more likely to be more effective at solving/finishing the game.
Least favorite thing: a few of the Let's Players I've watched don't dive into the game deeply enough to retain info. They might personally enjoy OW but have other series to maintain so limit playtime accordingly. This all makes sense for their situation but its very frustrating watching someone forget something they seem to have JUST learned, except it was actually a week ago for them.
I doubt I'm unique here with my 2 or 3 6-hour game sessions devouring the game in less than a week. While that pace is impractical for many retaining info to its useful point is much easier.
Most favorite thing: I get to watch someone else discover things! Maybe they struggle where I breezed through or immediately grasp something it took me all game to notice. They might go in an entirely different direction but still end up around the same proverbial campfire.
What do you think? Am I too harsh on the play style?
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2021.10.23 05:39 Sentaxxomat Come join the boneheads in Decentralized Bone Society 💀 🍻 💀 469 Skulls were minted during the presale! 🎮 Get exclusive access to The Tavern, a gamified digital space to hang out with other holders! 🎃 Launch on October 30th! 10,000 Skulls will be available to mint

Come join the boneheads in Decentralized Bone Society 💀 🍻 💀 469 Skulls were minted during the presale! 🎮 Get exclusive access to The Tavern, a gamified digital space to hang out with other holders! 🎃 Launch on October 30th! 10,000 Skulls will be available to mint submitted by Sentaxxomat to opensea [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 05:39 MrJeoffreyMann Throwing down some vocals...

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2021.10.23 05:39 CartographerFew7789 20 M looking for new friends preferably female

Just bored and yes I have a discord
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2021.10.23 05:39 Year-20-20 Good moorning guys

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2021.10.23 05:39 esteemed_disservice Shiba Billionaire 💴 will Launch in 20 minutes ,Liquidity will be locked and ownership is renounced x100 potential,Get in early.

Our vision is to make Shiba Billionaire the most valuable and most rewarding token for holders and for users to earn benefits.

Shiba Billionaire is a project that enables both commercial organizations and non-profit ventures to get exposure for his or her services, products, or initiatives through natural social marketing campaigns that are operated by the creative power of a worldwide community influencers, marketing professionals, and almost anyone with a web presence that desires to participate during a democratized marketing campaign.

The team will be renouncing ownership of the contract this will take all powers away from the developer to interact with the contract. As well as renunciation the liquidity will be locked, this showing investors the team and token dynamic is here for the long term.

Liquidity Will be locked .

Ownership will be renounced

Great marketing and collaboration


Total supply: 1000000000000000000

50% intial burn

5% Liquidity

3% tax

2% buyback

Ownership will be renounced

Slippage buy sell : 10%

Join the Community now, we are so early on this project grab a bag and enjoy this GEM

Telegram: https://t.me/ShibaBillionaire
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2021.10.23 05:39 86SHARP Messing with colors

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2021.10.23 05:39 PeyoteJaguar He's brought you another gift today

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2021.10.23 05:39 ImpossibleSpare4534 Business, is there anyone who has gotten really good on their AS or A2 business exam that can help me review my essay? I always fail to get evaluation and analysis marks even when I think I’ve included a lot of it in. My teacher is also no help and doesn’t give good feedback or ways to improve :/

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2021.10.23 05:39 MrNeilerua Momentum is building up guys!! EU Commissionner Ursula's tweet on Nuclear role in coming green EU taxonomy's on retweet fiiire!! Relay!!!!!

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2021.10.23 05:39 Dmanrock The best Stormcast list for stomping your local meta

Even though I haven't play a single game of 3.0 and very few games of 2.0. I will say with full confidence this is the best list you could bring for competitive Stormcast. /s
++ Pitched Battle GHB 2021 2,000 (Order - Stormcast Eternals) [2,000pts] ++

Core Battalion: Battle Regiment
Knight-Draconis [255pts]: Arcane Tome, Battle Regiment - 1 Commander, General, Master of Magic, Celestial Blades, Thunderbolt Volley
Knight-Vexillor [120pts]: Battle Regiment - 0-2 Sub-Commander, Pennant of the Stormbringer
Lord-Imperatant [175pts]: Battle Regiment - 0-2 Sub-Commander
Annihilators with Meteoric Grandhammers [480pts]: 6 Annihilators with Meteoric Grandhammers, Battle Regiment - 2-5 Troops, Reinforced
Judicators with Skybolt Bow [400pts]: 10 Judicators with Skybolt Bow, Battle Regiment - 2-5 Troops, Reinforced, 2x Shockbolt Bow
Stormdrake Guard [570pts]: 4 Stormdrake Guard, Battle Regiment - 2-5 Troops, 4x Drakerider's Warblade, Reinforced
Allegiance Allegiance: Stormcast Eternals: Knights Excelsior
Game Type: 2000 Points - Battlehost
Grand Strategy: Hold the Line
Joking aside what y'all think? And to clarify, I do think it's very strong, but I'm looking for why I'm wrong because... I dont want to spend more money on AoS.
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2021.10.23 05:39 iOnlyUseThisToAsk69 Been off of benzos for 2 years almost and off the booze for close to a year. Memory is awful. Anyone else?

It’s almost like I can’t really create new concrete memories. I can still remember some things, but not everything. My short term memory is pretty awful too. Is anyone else in the same boat or should I maybe get checked out at the doctors office?
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2021.10.23 05:39 rimongraphics Home Finder Logo

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2021.10.23 05:39 urmumisawhoe the number is chemistry

View Poll
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2021.10.23 05:39 RaamyPie Regarding Multiple Video Interviews

So, I had applied to two Technical Studentship roles. And I got invitations to complete a video interview at SONRU for both of the roles. But it was also highlighted that I was expected to complete only one video interview even if I got several invitations for different roles. So I finished only one, before the deadline - October 17, 23:59, GMT +02:00. I even got the confirmation email from SONRU, acknowledging the completion of my interview.
This morning I received an email with an invite to another video interview at SONRU (deadline - October 25, 00:00, GMT +02:00). Upon clicking, I was redirected to the video interview that I didn't take.
I'm really confused now. Did anyone else who applied to multiple roles get an email too? Should I take this one too?
I've emailed the support team too. Incase I hear back from them, I'll update this post.
Any and all help is highly appreciated!
Thank you so much!
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2021.10.23 05:39 Glittering_Variety45 [PS4] [DS3] W: Soul stacks H: Anything you want in the game, karma, mule

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2021.10.23 05:39 carbonatedbev_ A friend said reddit is a place for “mentally unstable virgins who got strict parents”. We aren't friends anymore.

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2021.10.23 05:39 GwendolynKirkley51 💎Join SeamlessSwap live soon presale coming fully doxxed devs hurry 💎

Seamlessswap is an up and coming project in the crypto defi space with the purpose of making crypto easy by creating a safe, reliable and affordable place to buy sell and stake crypto at high apy’s. With the future intentions to make a ease of use wallet that has all of the defi aspects integrated into the iOS and Android app being its first major goal in the defi space, additionally after the full release of the wallet our next objective is too start the development of seamless exchange this will be all explained in the white paper which is on our telegram
🔥SEAMLESS STATS🔥 Total Minted 400,000,000
Total Burned 0
Circulating Supply 400,000,000
New SEAMLESS/block 30
SeamlessSwap! Earn Seamless Token by yield farming or participate in our pools. We include a deposit fee used to support the ecosystem
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/Seamlessswapdefi
Having the interest for crypto industry and blockchain technology
Presale is going to be live soon what this space on pinksale more info on telegram and Twitter
Links to our socials and charts are down below if you want to do any self promotion to further on our endeavours to make crypto easy
TELEGRAM: https://t.me/joinchat/utWFrNkFKvFlMTBl
Having the interest for crypto industry and blockchain technology
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2021.10.23 05:39 Inner-Cow5531 my new car

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2021.10.23 05:39 lunawaffles Terrified of angry people even when they’re in the wrong (25f)

So I get scared out of my mind when people are angry at me even when they’re being a total dick, as well as situations when they understandably should be and only a little angry. I’ll give some situations where I’m probably over reacting.
As a result I am scared of a lot of human interactions and only have friends who are patient. Most people seem to give me anxiety.
Just to give some context I’ll talk about my family. So my dad’s always been an angry person. I remember putting two pegs on my clothes instead of one and he got so angry about me not being efficient with the hanging of my laundry. He got so angry he started coughing and throwing things.
There was a time I booked a trip for my family and my dad had a great time but the second place was in a big city and he got really angry about how it was more expensive yet smaller it was even though I researched for a long time and that’s just what the prices are in the centre of the city near the attractions. Initially I went numb and don’t react, as with most situations even now. However he brought it up continuously for 3 days. Like saying what the fuck was this fucking idiot thinking when he made his Airbnb so small? The fucking dining table hardly fits 2 dishes! I finally cracked and started crying alone in the bathroom but they could hear me. My dad then told my mum I’ve got some serious issues, he wasn’t even ranting or telling ME off yet I take everything so personally
Another time my friend came over to visit and she brought some food over because it was sudden. He was humiliated because we didn’t prepare anything special. Then Mum told him off and said it’s pretty normal for people to share food, especially people like my friend who goes to church regularly. He got really angry and started yelling at my mum. I told my dad he doesn’t need to worry so much. He then yelled at me. What? What the fuck do you want from me? Fuck off! I then went into my room and cried while I overheard my dad telling my mum I was over reacting. This was when I was 21 so I wasn’t young but ultimately lead to me moving out.
I know he has high blood pressure and has been in hospital a few times due to it, so I don’t want to aggravate him further so I try my best to have no emotions.
Fast forward, I’m now 25 and still have a lot of anxiety dealing with angry people or offending unreasonable people.
For example I have this manager who exploded at me for not briefing someone on something she never told me to brief her on. And then she got angry at me for not preparing for a meeting she was running but moved earlier. Every other week there’d be something I didn’t do. The first time I went outside and had a big break down and she has been softer since but I am constantly scared out of my mind in the office.
There was another time when she asked me to work on the weekend for an urgent deadline however I couldn’t do it because I had wisdom tooth surgery that weekend which I booked months in advance. She kept telling me she was disappointed over and over again. Rationally it is her problem of course but I don’t know why it still affects me so much.
Another situation was when a real estate agent told me off for having a bad attitude when I pointed out the the location of a rental was completely different to advertised and it was wasting out time not revealing it until we went there. I was really angry but also anxious and scared at the same time and my body froze. Rationally I will never see him again. Why did I get so clammed up?
This morning I was 10 mins late to a doctors appointment. He looked very stressed when I saw him briefly at the reception. I know he’s probably busy as they just reopened after COVID but I felt like I may have offend him. The receptionist said the doctor doesn’t rush any appointments so he doesn’t take late patients. I know it was out of my control but I feel really scared even seeing the doctor was somewhat frustrated.
I know people are probably going to ask why I feel scared. I’m not sure. Over time I learnt I wasn’t responsible for others feelings etc but I have trouble overcoming the scared and frozen response.
The people that don’t know me well think I’m calm, cool and collected. Maybe even a bit detached and uncaring in these situations although normally I’m very warm. I feel like I give the complete opposite impression of what’s going on internally so in my current life people that get angry at me never realise how much it hurts me. I’m almost always trying not to offend or upset others. Is there anyone else that’s anxious and scared most of the time but get mistaken for detached and uncaring?!
Just looking to see what a third person would see and how a person without anxiety may react in these situations. I’m already seeing therapy and being told I’m not responsible for others feelings, so it’s just shaking off the fear. Why do I react so strongly even if it is irrational? Is it okay for me to keep living life limiting my interactions/showing feelings to a handful of safe people?
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2021.10.23 05:39 SculptingNut Old marble fire surround…

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2021.10.23 05:39 Ojerry1997 [Serious] In the situation where you are a German American US soldier captured by the Nazis in WW2, what's your choice if they give you two options? Either to betray the US and fight for the Fuhrer or be executed to scare other German American POWs into betraying the US and fighting for Germany?

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2021.10.23 05:39 Designer_Screen3881 A boy sent me this. Do you guys think it’s weird or not?

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