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Are you actually Racist or against LGBTQ+?

Allow me to call attention to a fact that I hope, by now, is glaringly obvious: In 2021, not being racist simply won’t cut it—being anti-racist is the only way to truly bring about change. Chelsea will next month host an event bringing London clubs together to discuss how football can do more to support LGBTQ+ fans. The event, 'From Allyship To Action', will take place on Monday 4 ... These 14 best LGBTQ+ podcasts run the gamut of content, ... Dubbed a "decolonizing podcast for lovers on the margins," each episode educates listeners about the racist history of the word ... LOS ANGELES: A collective of L.A.-based theatre artists have released “The Los Angeles Anti-Racist Theatre Standards” in an attempt to create lasting change within L.A. theatre institutions. The full set of standards, emailed to 130 local theatre companies on Sept. 8, can be read at LATheatreStandards.com. Inspired by We See You White American Theatre, the list was created to provide L.A ... Reason #3: URM is racist language because it implies a master-slave relationship between overrepresented majorities and underrepresented minorities. The counterparts of URMs are overrepresented majorities (ORMs) [6], who are whites and Asians in STEM fields. ... The suggestion that LGBTQ+ is a safe label is interesting, given that it suffers ... LGBTQ+ Arts Festival Kicks Off Thursday In Sarasota - Sarasota, FL - The Fabulous Independent Film Festival kicks off Thursday, runs through Oct. 2. The LGBTQ festival features film, music, dance ... We are a community of changemakers championing global solutions for today's crucial challenges. We were founded in 1965 in memory of Sir Winston Churchill. We offer ideas to inspire your vision for change. Recording artist Cavetown has recently come out as transgender due to the resurfacing of anti-semitic, racist, and transphobic posts. He has received backlash over these string of tweets, with ... No one is born a racist or anti-racist. It is a result of the history of race and racism in the United states, our experiences and the choices people make. Even when a person’s biases are unconscious, their behaviors and attitudes can still be racist and wield harm against people in marginalized communities. A British man has been sentenced to pay compensation and observe a curfew at weekends after pleading guilty to posting racist abuse about England players on the night of the Euro finals in July. England's Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka, who are Black, were bombarded with online abuse after they missed spot-kicks in a penalty shootout with Italy which settled the July 11 final ...

2021.10.23 04:13 xlybear Are you actually Racist or against LGBTQ+?

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2021.10.23 04:13 ITSTRUCKMONTH Brawl was better than Melee

kill me
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2021.10.23 04:13 PthumerianPrince About the jump... what do you think it will look like when the game comes out?

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2021.10.23 04:13 N64TEAM These new spongebob episodes are great

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2021.10.23 04:13 ZoobBot 181862

This is the 181862nd time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2021.10.23 04:13 MediaTrafficOrg “In-N-Out Burger” Store Gets Shut Down; The Company Does Not Want To Enforce Covid Rules

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2021.10.23 04:13 Jper013 Do you guys think this laptop would suffice? Appreciate any input.

This is the laptop I am considering getting tomorrow and it seems as if it should run FiveM without any issues from my quick research. Please let me know any input! Laptop
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2021.10.23 04:13 baddemannors 19.9k Base XP game - What's your PR?

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2021.10.23 04:13 DaBoi360 AHC Questions

So recently bought a 2005 LX470, and the ride was horrible to say the least. Did some research and found that the AHC might be at fault here. How do I know if it just needs fluids or the accumilators needs to go as well?
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2021.10.23 04:13 ladylana222 My dealer won’t accept me on snapchat

My boyfriend made him delete me and he won’t add me back now. Can someone chat request me if they have Snapchat and are willing to add him so I can score? Thanks
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2021.10.23 04:13 sonik77133 LS2 FF900 Valiant II Revo Matt Titanium Orange : $29214 (-14%)

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2021.10.23 04:13 casualautizt Protesting for better job security = protesting American imperialism and capitalism. the second slide literally contradicts the first and third how brain dead are these people.

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2021.10.23 04:13 Hour_Speaker_1461 Last time I'm doing this, please help me find my type /!\ long

Ok so I hope this is the last time I post and that I will finally figure out my type. Basically I'm a 19 y.o woman, I first typed ISTJ but couldn't releate, then typed INFJ and got obsessed with mbti, but when I saw that INFJ were often mistyped, I assumed I also was a mistype, especially when I met this very perfect and nice INFJ in real life, it appeared impossible for me to be one, then I often got typed as xNTJ and people on reddit typed me as xNTP lots of times, sometimes I feel like I could also be an ISFP as they often mistype as NF and have the same cognitive functions as xNTJs. I endlessly searched for the truth, now I came to a conclusion that I basically have no personality as it literally changes with everybody and everyday lol.
But here is the thing, I watched the tv show "You", and I could relate way too much to the way Joe Goldberg thinks, it even scared me, of course not to that extent but the way he analyzes everything even during conversations and kind of comes to conclusions that way. Then I saw he was INFJ, so I felt like it was the perfect moment to write on reddit, I thoroughly analyzed how I'm going to write this post solely based on my way of thinking, now I wish you could help me. I will try to explain my way of thinking as best as I can.
So basically, whenever I talk to someone, there is always a part of my head that thinks "what is s.he thinking ?", "Why is she saying this?", "what does she feel?", now that I learnt about cognitive functions I also cant help but think "wow this is such an Si way of telling a story", "I'm pretty sure she is INTP, or maybe ENTP? It really is Si inf. not Fe inf though" etc. But actually even on my own I would think about what my friends would be thinking about right now. Sometimes it's like I'm guessing what they are feeling and it ends up I'm right, for exemple, once I chatted with a friend and even though she didn't say anything she seemed a bit off and I could imagine her crying, then it turned out she broke up with her boyfriend and was probably crying at that moment. Lemme try to describe my way of thinking, it's probably more messed up but basically it would look like this : "I am very moody these days, I remember I watched this show with the bipolar guy, what if I'm bipolar, no I'm just sometimes down and up but I can't call it a mental illness, that's just how women are, mom is also like that, oh but mom is a bit extreme, I remember when she was depressed but also had this manic episode, that makes me think of that other tv show, ok my mom is bipolar" two weeks later, my grandma tells me "I think your mom is bipolar" I swear I choked-
I also noticed (after long hours analyzing myself) that I always try to find someone with whom I can relate and who can relate to me, again I will give an example : I went to a new class and saw this girl, she gave me really INTJ vibes, she recalled me of Marianne from the book normal people - anyways, I rarely want to be friends with anyone, but I really wanted to be friends with her, I really could feel that she was somewhat like me, or I was like her, she was like the key to understanding myself, so I kept thinking about how to approch her, then the teacher tells us we need to split into groups, it seemed like the perfect occasion, I tried my best to make eye contact with her, participated more in class so that she could notice me, but then, when we had to make the group, she chose someone else, you can't imagine my disappointment, my vision of her crashed, when her group made the presentation and when she spoke I literally felt disgusted, she didn't seem smart anymore. I feel like I put her on a piedestal and then came back to reality. And it happens all the time, I always bound with people, at first I feel like we are so similar, the connection seems crazy, it moves me to think that someone can understand me better than I understand myself, at this moment I start oversharing, but then i understand that the person isn't feeling the same conection, we don't talk about it, I just sense it, and then I just get a bit disappointed, sometimes I would stop talking to them. That's why I actually don't like making friends, I know I always get disappointed at the end, but I also know it's because of me and not the other person but I can't help it.
I need to plan everything and hate when things go wrong/ not the way I expected, for example, if a friend texts me "lets hang out tomorrow" I noticed would already think about literally everything I/we need to do, I need to take this, wear this, how is the weather, what are we gonna talk about, I really want to talk about that so I need to say this and that so that she will be the one asking, etc. And if my friend cancels the plan at the last minute, I swear it gets me so angry I don't even know why, actually I do know, that's because I take time planning everything in my head for nothing. In this situation I get pretty mean like I'd say something like "seriously?you really couldn't tell me even later right?", even though I know it's not really the friend's fault, I just feel like I've been played and I hate this feeling.
I have no values, unlike my INFJ friend who is a real feminist, goes to demonstrations etc, I'm really not like that, I barely have any values, I mean I do get upset when someone says something racist, homophobic etc, but I don't car that much, unlike some people, I wouldn't be like "omg you cheated, how can you do that, you're bad." I would try to understand why would the person do that, bad is really subjective to me. As I also don't really know what I am, I often copied people that inspired me, ex : I started drawing because my sister did, I started piano because my mom is a pianist and there are 2 youtubers I like, I started reading books because I liked a youtuber, I started learning multiple languages because I was impressed by a "I am fluent in 10 languages" video; as a kid I said I wanted to be a doctor because I saw a drawing saying that doctors are great, then I wanted to be a physical therapist because I used to see one at the time, then a psychologist because I liked to watch stuff about mental illnesses, then a translator because my mom told me I should be one, and now marketing because I like languages and it seems like it's gonna stay a successful job in the future. Literally nothing comes from me, I am e.m.p.t.y.
My fears are : not doing/ being what I'm supposed to (ex : not studying the major made for me, not making friends while I should, being cold while I should be nice. That's also why knowing my mbti is important to me); being lonely, people not caring about me as much as I care about them ; not reaching my perfect self (ex : I see myself speaking fluent mandarin and japanese in the future, living in singapore or taiwan etc, thinking about me not being that way and disappointing myself scares me); being the late one, the only one to not have done something (ex : I often feel like I need to do stuff, ex: celebrating my 18th birthday, otherwise I would miss a very special experience in life that most people experienced, even though I don't like it).
I have a crazy amazing memory, I think that's mostly why I think I can be a Si dom. I'm a visual learner, whenever we have exams, even though I haven't studied a lot, if I focus enough I can literally see images of myself writing the lesson and therefore never had troubles at school. I also remember what people tell me and when someone tells me something for the second time I would tell them they already talked about it so we don't waste time on pointless conversation.
My mind really works with images and monologues. I'm rather bad at explaining myself as I have bunch of ideas and images that I often times can't explain with words, so I sometimes feel really dumb whenever I speak or try to explain myself (that's also why I'm trying really hard to give as much examples here so that I don't get misunderstood).
Sometimes I can be surprisingly sponteneous, for example, accept to hang out at the last minute, try drugs solely for the experience, but when I'm faced with the situation, I regret instantly and start asking myself endless "what if?" questions.
People often say I'm mean, that's because when I first start getting comfortable with someone I can't help but be very sarcastic, and well mean in a way, like I would swear at them for fun, btw I hate when people take this kind of things too personally and get upset, like I'm only being like this for fun, I also know I shouldn't be like this but well.. When I get very comfortable in the relationship and can call us friends, it's like I totally change and become more calm and nice? basically I go from cold>sarcastic/ mean jokes>nice. I hate it but I would also start friendship only if I can get something from it, for example there was an event to practice languages, I met a guy who spoke my language so I ignored him and kept very silent whenever he spoke to me, but once I met a spanish guy I started getting very sociable only because I wanted to practice my spanish. I feel really bad for being this way sometimes, but I got no time to waste.
I don't really know when I'm stressed so I can't really say the way I act, but for example on exam period I just can't study, usually I'm very self disciplined but during this time I would play video games, watch tv shows and eat junk,and it happens all the time, what's strange is that after the exams, I have no more interest for video games etc, and once again I find interest in studying. My brain is really not working as it should... When faced with a problem, I get pessimistic and start crying for a few minutes, then I start finding a solution, when in a corner, I ask people for help.
Well I think that's all I can say, it is pretty messed up and random, but I tried to be the most precise as possible, give most details and really focus on my way of thinking instead of what I like to avoid stereotypes. Thanks if you read until here, I hope I can find my type once and for all.
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2021.10.23 04:13 ComradeMoist Found this monster growing in my quarantine box.

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2021.10.23 04:13 quackarmyrebellion More AM or TLSP songs like Miracle Aligner?

I just heard miracle aligner yesterday (my first TLSP song and my mind is blown) and I wanna hear more songs with that Parisian heartache heartbreak she's-my-tiger vibe
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2021.10.23 04:13 GSG94 Looking for a New Herb Vaporizer reccomendations.

Looking for recommendations for a new vaporizer. I've only used a g-pen elite before no. For a beginnemedium use smoker, I don't know if it is a big difference getting an expensive vape vs something that's cheaper. Ideally, I would like to stay below $200-$225 and have something that's portable and battery.
So far I'm in between the PAX 3/2 ($160/$135), Arizer Solo 2 ($132), Arizer Air 2 ($119). The PAX seems the sleekest and most portable. But I've heard good things about the Arizer
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2021.10.23 04:13 brazil_bot China, India and Brazil must set out their plans to cut emissions | The Secret Negotiator

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2021.10.23 04:13 moderndayday Avoiding cancel culture at work / inclusive language – please support my research (5 min)

Hey everyone,
My colleagues and I'd love to get your input on diversity, inclusivity and language. It's UX Research, so I didn't know what category to pick...
Please take 5 minutes to take my survey – I'd REALLY appreciate it: https://forms.gle/abXwWnhK7oNPx9Wx7
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2021.10.23 04:13 NormalUsername1809 The “Social Democrat” that Vaush talked to on stream isn’t actually a Social Democrat.

If you wondered why the “Social Democrat” that Vaush talked to on stream sounded a lot like a neoliberal it’s because he literally is.
You need to remember that the Nordic Model/ Social Democratic policies that Scandinavia implemented in the 40s to 70s were implemented by Social Democrats who were very radical (and who would 100% be called Communists or Chavistas in today’s day and age) Olof Pälme (one of the most famous social Democratic PMs of Sweden) literally routinely called America an Imperialist country and also accepted US citizens who dodged the Vietnam draft, also he gave aid to the VietCong and met with people like Fidel Castro.
Ever since the 70s a lot of “Social Democratic” parties in Europe became increasingly more right wing (since they adopted neoliberalism and started privatization efforts on their own countries) and these people are denominated “Third Way” (people like Clinton and Blaire)
Also he literally has a video in which he does a political test (I know tests are cringe and not reflective of your ideology overall) but his most close result was The Third Way and it wasn’t even close.
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2021.10.23 04:13 brazil_bot Navalny honoured, Regeni trial begins: human rights this fortnight – in pictures

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2021.10.23 04:13 sz771103 Can anybody help me with a epsilon delta limit proof dm me if willing to help

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2021.10.23 04:13 GreatAtSpeling What Video game made you feel immersed the most?

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2021.10.23 04:13 Arisante Rando Stream idk ask me questions?

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2021.10.23 04:13 MoistTeacher please get bitches

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2021.10.23 04:13 treyyywayyy 22 M with no friends

I go to the JC here and all my friends from high school have basically ditched me or stopped initiating contact from growing apart. What things could I do to make new and better friends here? Have you guys been in the same situation and what things did you guys try that ended up working?
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