Up to 3000 teachers expected to be absent from NSW schools on Monday 25th of October

2021.10.23 05:22 derajydac Up to 3000 teachers expected to be absent from NSW schools on Monday 25th of October

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2021.10.23 05:22 Due-Studio-8652 AstroGold | Mankind's Journey to the Stars | Huge Giveaway Happening! | 100x Potential Coin 🚀 | No Devs Wallets

What is it?
AstroGold is differentiating itself from the competition with it’s huge marketing plans focusing on assisting young enthusiasts globally so they can realise and achieve their dreams helping to further mankind’s journey to the stars. This is on top of the usual fast tracking of CG, CMC and having an array of contacts for listings and various communities (including the Chinese community as we’ve already had a lot of interest from this sector!).
Favourable tokenomics aim to make your investment ‘turn to gold’ on an initial journey towards a 1 cent token and ‘beyond’. The long and short of it is to create a sustainable project that has tangible financial benefits to all investors.
We believe a combination of our vast marketing knowledge and engaging our investors from launch will grow this ground breaking token to levels never seen before in the DeFi space.
“I would like to die on Mars. Just not on impact.” - Elon Musk.
So, what are these tokenomics?
Fairly simple; there is a 10% total transaction fee compromising of:
💰 7% distributed to all holders in $DaddyDoge.
Not only do you get to be part of the newest movement, you get rewarded in a project that has a great future ahead of it. Every buy and sell adds to a reward pot that is automatically distributed to AstroGold holders. In short, the longer you hold the more DD tokens you earn.
💰 1% added to the liquidity pool
The contract accumulates tokens on buy/sells and then adds them to the liquidity pool to create a solid price floor and increases the stability of the token for everyone's benefit!
💰 2% sent to a marketing
A token is nothing without it’s marketing power and development team. Not only do we have a substantial budget to start, we want the snowball to keep the momentum. Following initial advertisements and presale, we want multiple exchange listings and celebrity endorsements to help with rocket fuel for the moon.
What else?
Astro is fully against rug pulls and honey pots, so he’s decided to give the community as much confidence as possible by:
Locked liquidity
Removing functions that could cause a honeypot from the contract and keep our investors protected
Hold zero large dev token wallets that could crash the price
Smart contract on the horizon
Useful links:
Contract: 0x755bb8393c623236c9d9cb3908ec744d9f52a47c
Buy Now: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x755bb8393c623236c9d9cb3908ec744d9f52a47c
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x755bb8393c623236c9d9cb3908ec744d9f52a47c#readContract
Liquidty locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x4B53539E4F96cb39767Bb41C038d158641e575c8
We at AstroGold want to be known for our marketing endeavours and the fact we are ”unruggable”. As soon as the world starts to know what Astrogold is, nothing can stop us. Join us, spread the word and enjoy your the ride 🚀🚀🚀
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2021.10.23 05:22 ComeDownDawn [20s/Friendship] Are you, by chance, looking for a friend? Look no further.

Hello all! I hope you are all doing fine this Friday.
I decided to post here because I yearn for a friend. As silly as it may sound, I desperately need to open my heart to someone thoughtful and respectful. I yearn for that human connection; to listen and speak, revealing ourselves to one another and seeing ourselves through a different perspective.
Things have been going well lately, all things considered, but I'm feeling worse by the day. I've always had that sadness inside of me, and it's kept me grounded, but recently, all of my emotions have stopped working. I'm living a dull, suffocatingly monotonous existence. With no one to talk to or engage with, all I'm doing is the bare minimum and sleeping. Things need to change.
Allow me to introduce myself to you. I'm in my early late mid-twenties. Disabled. Definitely a bit of a weirdo. I consider myself a shy and sensitive person. I love everything that's not new. I miss the past. Currently, I am obsessed with some instrumentals from Joe Hisaishi. I've started to read again, mostly poetry, I meditate and daydream.
As foolish as it sounds I believe there are people in here with whom we could become great friends. It's just the stars haven't aligned in our favor. With this post, I am trying to push and pull them. Do your part, DM me.
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2021.10.23 05:22 Lazer_Shark_YT Forza Motorsport 4 Achievement Help

Hey I'm just wondering if anyone can help me with some Forza Motorsport 4 Online Achievements. I cannot find a single game online. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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2021.10.23 05:22 Zacho666 The Honda Civic (4258x3194)

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2021.10.23 05:22 OddZookeepergame1300 Couldnt fit everything in one picture

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2021.10.23 05:22 Taric25 My foster is having nightmares and is afraid of my head (but fine with my hands), so what should I do?

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2021.10.23 05:22 theCourtofJames Is there an 80's town somewhere in the world?

This may seem completely insane to me but I just thought of it and if it's real somewhere I'd love to go.
Is there a tourist destination somewhere in the world where it's a town but it's just stuck in the 89's? So you could go there, stay for a week and just experience living in that decade?
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2021.10.23 05:22 PaperMoon00 Question about the 2014 GF, Sydney

Hey mates this is in no way a shitpost I just was just wondering what happened with the Swans that day? I wasn't really into footy that much at the time so I don't have a clear memory of the year leading up to the game but from what i've read the Swans were the clear favourites yet were soundly beaten.
I was curious to hear, especially from Swans supporters, why the team failed so badly that day. I've asked my mum, a big swans supporter for her opinion and she just says early on they looked nowhere near it and lethargic.
I'd love any answers. Thank you!
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2021.10.23 05:22 newnortherner21 Dry weather for part of a school holiday

What will happen to all those raincoats and umbrellas and other wet weather gear you bought to cope with drizzle and wind you normally get when the children are off school?
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2021.10.23 05:22 RapidSheep Does anyone know when Tom Taylor's Superman son of kal-el will release in hardcover/ trade?

Also the current wally west run
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2021.10.23 05:22 ShoeActual3447 Make your offers

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2021.10.23 05:22 Roller95 BACK TO 2019 📺 | 'Ik dacht: weer geen kampioen' | Ajax - PSV met Blind & Neres (English subtitles available)

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2021.10.23 05:22 ShiratakiPoodles If you cold turkey off smoking, how functional do you feel? Can you go to work in cold turkey withdrawal?

I'm just curious, i wanma stop drinking coffee and it's debilitating. My job is pretty physical so if i don't have my coffee i literally can barely work.
So I've been wondering if it's the same for people who smoke.
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Hello everyone can you help me for this transcribe to longhand. plssss
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2021.10.23 05:22 seitanluvr666 message i sent today to my ex. they didn't respond.

(Long message ahead, if you don’t mind giving me a call I’d be grateful, though I understand you don’t owe me that. The following is a jist of what I’d say on the phone.)
I’m getting the impression you no longer want to hear from me or be friends, which makes my heart and soul very heavy, but I understand given how I’ve behaved in the past. You don’t owe me any spiritual or emotional relief, so you’d be justified to just ignore this message. And if that’s your wish, I’ll delete your number and if you want, block you on social media. I recognize that you’re happy with new partners, and it makes sense if you or they wouldn’t want you to remain in contact with an ex. I’m also aware that you’re acclimating to a new city and establishing your life there. These are brave, and exiting changes and I don’t want to hinder your growth.
I’ve talked it over with my therapist, psychiatrist, friends, family, 12 step fellows, and spiritual advisors, and they’ve recommended I make a final effort to speak, if only for the sake of clarity, closure and to move forward in my healing process (and yours, if you have anything left to say or feel, even if that’s putting up a firm boundary). Would love to chat on the phone for a bit just to close out, since I feel like we’re ending on poor terms. I’ve been immature and I’d regret if we couldn’t come to a place where we can at least be acquaintances. If there’s any animosity between us, I’d be grateful to have the opportunity to come back to a place where we both move on in peace. The phone call we had back in July or August made me hopeful that our friendship was moving in a positive direction— the universe has particular and benevolent plans for us all—but I’ve been confused since then considering what I’ve interpreted to be an abrupt and uncertain cessation of our contact. I’d also be remiss if not to admit that I felt very hurt when you removed the pictures of us together on Instagram. This is petty and anxious, I know. But I was curious about why you did that, since I was under the impression we were moving past our previous turmoils. It made me feel ashamed of our relationship—in all honesty, ashamed of myself. I’ve known you to be a person who remains on good terms, and even friends with, their exes. So I couldn’t help but feel that i’ve done something especially wrong.
I also want to prepare you for the news that I’ll be moving to Portland soon. Likely following my top surgery, so that would be April 2022, though likely subletting from December 2021 to January 2021.
I’ve apologized and attempted to make amends before, though I recognize they came from a place of selfishness and insecurity. The conversation we had in San Francisco was a sincere eye-opener for me, and I thank you for that. Your honesty helped me recognize that despite working my programs, I wasn’t fully engaging with them. I was holding onto old and unrealistic hopes. I wasn’t yet mature enough in my healing process to instigate that conversation. My “amends” were coming from a place a spiritual frailty, self-loathing, and frankly, crisis, which you didn’t deserve. I’ll never forget you calling them “hollow,” and I carry that guilt with me each day, trying to atone for and practice mindfulness to avoid sinking so low again. I’d like to explain and take accountability for my actions.
If you’re not in a mental space that you’d be able to have this conversation, or you simply don’t want me in your life anymore, feel free to say as much, and I’ll understand. But I’ve had some things I’d like to get off my chest, and would appreciate being heard. I do still consider you one of the most empathetic and considerate friends I’ve ever had. If what you said to me was true, “that you’d like for me to be someone who stays in your life a long time,” I hope you’d give me this opportunity to talk.
I’ve done a let of praying and meditating lately. The Aries full moon affected let me profoundly and provided me guidance and confidence to move forward in my life in such a way that I can continue to grow, learn, heal, and mitigate the pain I cause to others. These changes in the universe have renewed and inspired me. I’m ready to start over and push harder than ever to cultivate my best possible life. I hope that you’ll be a part of it, whether as a friend, or whatever shape that takes.
If this is our last correspondence, I’m sorry for the pain, anxiety, and betrayal I’ve caused you. I’m sorry for stoking your anxiety. I’m sorry for causing you to worry about my health. You once said to me “sometimes I was afraid I’d get a phone call telling me you’re dead.” I can’t begin to imagine the daily trauma of experiencing those thoughts. There aren’t enough apologies in the world to compensate for my destructiveness during that time (and for much time thereafter). I hope that through my actions (working my programs, engaging in therapy, incorporating positive coping methods into my life, practicing DBT skills, investing in my friendships and communities, developing my relationship with my higher power and angels) I’ll be able to assure my loved ones that they don’t have to fear for my safety. Despite the ups and downs of the last few weeks, I’m immensely grateful for this life, and the discovery of my own power. I am, in every sense of the word, blessed.
I feel great shame for the misery, fear, and disturbance I’ve caused you throughout our relationship and thereafter. You were a loving partner and sincere friend. I’ll always cherish the memories we shared. I’m grateful for the time we spent together—even the sad and scary ones— because you’ve helped me grow as a person, and made me feel authentically loved at a time when I didn’t think it could ever be possible for me. Our time together in LA, even with its highs and lows, were some of the happiest and most fulfilling I’ve ever experienced. I reflect on those days with gratitude and joy. But perhaps most importantly, you helped me learn to love myself. For much of the past—including much of the time that we were together— I couldn’t recognize myself as an individual deserving of love, kindness, and patience. I let my trauma and insecurity preclude me from internalizing your love, which you gave abundantly and without judgement. In both your actions and words, you made me feel loved and secure in such a way that no one has before. I know you know that, given the many times I leaned on you for emotional support. The many crises you talked me down from. The attention, affection, and care that you provided. Much (if not all) of the labor you offered me, was highly inappropriate to ask of a romantic partner. and should have been addressed by my team of mental health providers. Regardless of what has happened in the past, I am infinitely grateful for the love we shared. If this is the last time we speak, I’m sorry, [redacted]. I could have been a better partner and friend to you. I wish that we could start over. But I understand if for your peace, we can no longer be a part of each other’s lives. I end this message with sincere gratitude, and heavy regret for the many ways I’ve mistreated you. I hope that you are finding the love, community, health, and abundance in [city]. You will always have a place in my heart.
With Hope, [me]
(Long message above. If you don’t mind calling me I’d be grateful. Though I understand if you simply want me to stop contacting you, and I’ll respect that wish. Just let me know, and you won’t hear from me again.)
i'm going to kill myself soon. i don't know when. but i'm tired of fighting. i hate myself. i hate everything about my life. when i look in the mirror i want to cry. i'm so sick. it's not worth fighting anymore.
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2021.10.23 05:22 xplisboa Flat earth proofs...

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2021.10.23 05:22 NubileSpiral Reow meow

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2021.10.23 05:22 Ted_E_Bear Can't log in on a browser

My mobile log-in works fine, but when I try logging in on a browser it just redirects me back to the log-in screen with blank e-mail and password entry forms. I typed in my e-mail and my password with perfection and gently slid the puzzle piece neatly into place with over 99% accuracy and this keeps happening every time. My first time trying this on Google Chrome I got an e-mail saying they got a log-in from a new device, but I've been using OkCoin on this laptop for over a week now. I begrudgingly tried to do the same on the god-awful poor excuse for a browser "Microsoft Edge" and I got the same result. I tried clearing my cache and those delicious cookies from both browsers and ended up with the same result.
What can I do to make OkCoin usable on my browser again? Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.23 05:22 hyperkid137 211023 [++line] EP25. 'LO$ER=LO♡ER' Behind #2

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2021.10.23 05:22 stikkeneb 30% or 4%

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2021.10.23 05:22 slutbaskets Do you play when going through a depressive episode?

I try, but this game just reminds why people are to be kept at a distance.
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2021.10.23 05:22 Sexy_Leather_Jackets An old denim jacket and jeans and me pretending to not know that my photo is being taken.

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2021.10.23 05:22 breakingvats While going through my grandma's attic I discovered her collection of ______.

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2021.10.23 05:22 DimVl Today Marks the 20th Anniversary of Steve Jobs Introducing the iPod

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