Do y'all pay attention to flaws during sex?

2021.10.23 03:50 armybratt01 Do y'all pay attention to flaws during sex?

I'm sure majority will say no, but I know you guys see the scars, the stretch marks, the hair, the rolls, etc. Do guys genuinely not care?
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2021.10.23 03:50 ebookart Golf Slam – Multiplayer Games

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2021.10.23 03:50 ThanosTheHedgehog Jokic one handed slinger

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2021.10.23 03:50 Fit-Response7269 addressing everything I've ran away from in 2021.

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2021.10.23 03:50 ghost_haha What is your dream job?

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2021.10.23 03:50 D3athTh3K1d24 Is church with Christians or Catholics a cult?

When ever there something bad going on in my life people tell me go to church and pray to god. Is that a form of praying on the weak?
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2021.10.23 03:50 NiceCow666 LF: Shiny Genesect

I am looking for an English shiny Genesect. Does anyone know what that mythical is worth as a shiny? I don’t know what I should be offering for it and don’t want to just make posts making myself look dumb for not knowing. Thanks!
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2021.10.23 03:50 JayTheDeity Has anyone else experienced a sudden speed up in offline modes during matches?

As the title says, I've been experiencing a speed up during matches in Career Mode and Exhibition Mode. I was wondering if anyone else has also experienced this?
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2021.10.23 03:50 Jonaraja This is dumbest warning ive seen for any show "This episode contains themes of death" it's not like you haven't killed characters before

I'd understand in the show hasn't shown death before but it has and I doubt it would be graphic. Since they never have been that graphic with their other shows.
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2021.10.23 03:50 SKR158 Fire Alarms Sixth?

Wtf is wrong with people you just need to do something wrong at midnight and put the fucking alarms on and wake up the whole damn building.
Also if something terrible happened I hope you are safe.
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2021.10.23 03:50 djanulis Sword and Shield Part 5: Fist, Fairies, and Fright.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Spending time on Gym Challenge is getting a bit repetitive, so I feel that going forward unless I plan to do something special with the gym battle, which I do have some things planned for some Gyms.
Episode 70 - 73 - Stow On Side Clean Up
Episode 70 - A blazing hot day in Stow on Side has Gloria and Ash decide to enjoy the sites of the town before taking on the next step of the Gym Challenge. While exploring the town they see a huge crowd surrounding a Pokemon battle. One of their fellow Gym Challengers is battling a rather fast Maractus. The Crowd cheers on and Gloria ask what is going on to one of the crowd. She answers that the Maractus is a bit of Legend in Stow on Side, Challenging Trainers, and Wild Pokemon alike when the really hot days happen, and that Maractus has even given Bea a run for her money a few times. Pikachu and Ash get excited and after the other challenger is beaten by a Solar Beam, they go on to challenge it. One of the crowd gives Maractus some berries to heal up. Both Kubfu stand on the line as Ash and Pikachu get ready to battle, Pikachu Blitzes with Quick Attack and is countered by Spiky Shield, which is quickly followed by a powerful Solar Beam, which thanks to the Sun takes no time to charge. Ash has Pikachu use Iron Tail but it is easily countered by the same Spiky Shield and Solar Beam combo. Pikachu is now on the back foot, and now goes for a Thunderbolt, but that is also dodged and Maractus fires off a barrage of Pin Missle finishing off Pikachu. Ash mentions they should have tried to slow down Maractus instead of trying to match her speed. Next up is Gloria who intends to use Toxtricty, but Kubfu wants to battle so she allows it to, Kubfu is quickly and Obviously outmatched, with Maractus choosing to only dodge its attacks, causing the rambunctious Kubfu to start getting mad. After missing another Rock Smash, Maractus goes for a counter Solar Beam, Luckily Gloria and Kubfu stand their ground thanks to a last-second Endure, but are quickly finished off by Pin Missle before Kubfu was able to throw a counter-attack. Team Rocket takes an interest in Marcatus and sends Cramorant to follow it after it is done battling, once the sun begins to set. Maractus without its sun Power boost is captured by Team Rocket. Lucky for Maractus though Gloria and Drakloak are training with Allister and are able to save it. For thanks for saving it and seeming interest in helping Kubfu get stronger Maractus joins Gloria's team.
Episode 71 - Ash and Pikachu decide they want a rematch and Challenge Bea and her same Machamp from the 2v2 match for the Gym Battle. Bea calls chairman Rose to get the okay and once it is confirmed that it would be aloud causing a large flood of other Stow on Side residents to come and see Bea battling a trainer with her Strongest Pokemon. One of the most Popular matches the Stow on Side stadium has seen to date, Ash Ketchum, Sponsored by the ever-popular Champion Leon, and a Myriad of accomplishments against Stow on Side Fighting Gym leader, both trainers bringing their oldest and Closest Ally. The Battle Starts:

Ash is surprised at the power of Thunderbolt, but Bea informs him that it was a different move Rising Voltage, which while normally isn't at the same level as moves like Thunderbolt but under a Terrain it is nearly at the level of power of some of the Max Moves. Bea explains that Ash was a strong competitor and she hopes to battle him again someday. Bea mentions though that Rising Voltage can be a powerful tool for them to use, but they might need to find a way to set it up themselves. The Episode ends with a loud sound that could be heard throughout the whole town.
Episode 72 - More or less the same moment with Bede that happened in the Game. This time though instead of Oleana being there it is Bea and she informs Bede that not respecting the landmarks of the towns is means for immediate expulsion from the Gym Challenge. After so Galar lore bits from Sonia, Oleana, and Rose make their way there by means of a Corviknight Taxi, and while Bede pleaded that he is to help Rose decided to uphold Bea's ruling and rescind his sponsorship of Bede, leaving Bedi demoralized.
Episode 73 - The Episode begins with another Gloria and Allister training session as Drakloak is getting used to its new moves in Phantom Force, Dragon Pulse, and Thunder wave. Allister tells Gloria to meet him at the Gym the next night in her uniform. At dusk the next Day Gloria heads to the stadium, most of the Lights off but the corridor for the Challengers Gloria walks down the corridor and enters the stadium, the light still off for a moment before they turn on. Allister is standing on the other side of the battlefield, the audience smaller than usual includes Ash, Bea, and many fans of Allister. Allister explains that he got permission to be the one to take Gloria's Challenge, explaining that he is shy and doesn't have many friends besides his Pokemon but he thinks of Gloria as one, and now it is time to test the training and friendship they have built. The Rules are standard 3v3 with Allister using his Gym Challenge team.
Episode 74 - 76 Glimwood Tangle
Episode 74 - This episode sees Ash and Gloria get split up, and Gloria more or less repeats the Galarian Ponyta Chole episode from JN. One of the Impidimp ends up joining Jessie.
Episode 75 - The episode Starts with Team Rocket attempts a low budget Scheme failing and Pikachu causing them to "Blast Off". While blasting off though James and his Alcremie are seperated. Gloria finds Alcremie and quickly realized it is Team Rocket's. James goes off looking for her and eventually runs into Gloria and Alcermie. James thanks Gloria for helping reunite him with Alcremie.
Episode 76 - Gloria and Ash run into a Nurse Joy's who is being transferred to Ballonea but has lost their companion Indeedee. The group helps look for and finds Indeedee and heads toward Ballonea.
Episode 77 - 80 Ballonea
Episode 77 - Basically the Alrcremie cake episode from JN this time it include James in the contest with his Alcremie.
Episode 78 - Opal throws a quiz show for Gym Challengers to see if any are worthy to take her spot at the Ballonea Gym Leader, since she plans to retire soon. Gloria wins the Quiz show but it is decided none of the participants are worthy to replace her in Opal's eyes. During the Quiz show Ash and Gloria find out about her and Mustard rivalry, and Opal learns they are his student.
Episode 79 - Opal throws another contest, quite literally this time. Taking a hint from something she has enjoyed watching from other regions throws a Pokemon Contest. Ash knowing how they work decided to take part and Gloria does to as she is open to the new Expierence. Jesse ends up beating Ash and Gloria during the Semi-final and finals of the contest. During the whole expierence Ash develops a new way get maximum value from Rising Voltage, making a faux Terrain by throwing Electro Web into the ground and absorbing the energy for a single Rising Voltage.
Episode 80 - Opal decides with the large group of Challengers stacked up she will need to challenge them in quick succesion, since she needs to head to Hammerlocke for a meeting the next day. All the challenger are given a random number and that is when they will battle Opal. Gloria is one of the earliest people to get there and eventually gets given the first slot. On the otherside of the coin Ash oversleeps and it forced to take a slot near the end of the day. Gloria is able to dominate her Gym Battle with only Toxtricity and a bit of luck on the statis the G-Max Stun Strike. Opal shows a varied idea of strategies and tatics, making it hard for Ash to lay down an idea of what to do with the battle. Luckily Ash is able to win his match rather easily with Corviknight and a little help from Pikachu cleaning up. Both Gloria and Ash are able to easily claim their 5th Gym Badges and head back to Hammerlocke to go to North Eastern Galar for the next two gym battles.
Episode 81 - 83 and we move forward
Episode 81 - Opal, Gloria, and Ash land in Hammerlocke, while they travel through the streets Opal's eyes catches Bede standing outside the Hammerlocke Gym trying to get Rose's attention. Similar things go as they do in the game. As Ash and Gloria got to leave Hop and Sirfetch'd stops them at the gates of Hammerlocke challenging Ash and Pikachu to a duel which ash accepts.
Episode 82 - A Fun Falinks focused filler episode
Episode 83 - While closing in on Circhester slow begins to falls, and the cold weather that Circhester is know for begins to set in. While travel they meet a Playful and prank loving Galarian Darumaka, the Darumaka and Ash's Kubfu hit it off and become fast friends. Eventually after a bit of fun with the crew and Darumaka it decides to join Ash's team.
Ash's Team
Gloria's Team *
*Toxtricity is shiny, sadly the website I am using only has base models.
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2021.10.23 03:50 Trevixle What is this matchmaking

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2021.10.23 03:50 Lightsabers-are-cool Just finished reading Riptide. Jaden Korr is hands down one of my favorite characters and the horror elements were awesome in this!

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2021.10.23 03:50 vroblok I cant believe I'm kind of starting to like this hair O.O

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2021.10.23 03:50 itz_arbaz_8581 See Me Fall Edit

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2021.10.23 03:50 SadVentingAccount I want to run away

God i feel so swamped, and i dont even know where to start. I feel smothered right now in life, I feel like i have no time alone, when literally a year ago i had nothing but time to myself and no friends at all. I feel so claustrophobic all the time like im being crushed by everyone in my life. When im at work, i sit outside on my breaks on these benches cus i do the night shift and its nice out there, and everytime i go out there i get this overwhelming urge to run. To just fuckin leave and walk until i hit water, and then turn around, and walk in another direction. Is that unusual, am i crazy or selfish for feeling like this? cus god i fuckin feel like i am
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2021.10.23 03:50 BigBlueMountainStar Feeling guilty at Lidl because you can’t pack your shopping away as quickly as the person on the till is swiping it through. It also always feels like they’re simply disappointed in you.

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2021.10.23 03:50 maxvideo127 Punto y Contrapunto, con Genaro Lozano: Programa del 22 de octubre de 2021

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2021.10.23 03:50 MediaTrafficOrg “In-N-Out Burger” Store Gets Shut Down; The Company Does Not Want To Enforce Covid Rules

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2021.10.23 03:50 crustychaos27 I LOVE YOU <3

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2021.10.23 03:50 Dick_Burn 50 this year

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2021.10.23 03:50 WWJMED Disappointed with Chinese Representation Caller

Some of David's answers to the caller regarding the ways in which China is represented in the US media disappointed me. I generally agreed with David on the duality between China being an economic adversary and a necessary partner. Many Americans don't realize how much we rely on cheap manufacturing in China. I also agreed with David's point on "The China Virus."
However, what the caller and others commenting on the video seemed to be doing was conflating criticisms of the Chinese government and the Chinese people. Just because the media or anyone criticizes actions by the CCP doesn't mean they are demonizing Chinese people themselves. There are major human rights abuses and censorship issues developing in China right now. Yes, there is economic development for Chinese citizens, but only if you are the right citizens. Uyghurs are thrown in camps. Rural communities and ethnic minorities see little to no economic support or opportunities to find meaningful work in cities.
The part that disappointed me about David's response was when he agreed with the caller when they said, "If you're going to understand that (removal of term limits), you gotta have a basic understanding of how it works." I would have liked to see a bit of pushback from David here. First, most media correspondents writing about Chinese politics, do have at least a basic understanding of how their government works. Second, it really doesn't take even a basic understanding of Chinese politics to know that an autocrat removing their own term limits, setting themselves up as a dictator for life.
Again, I wish there would have been a bit more pushback from David, focusing on the difference between criticizing a government and demonizing a people.
Also, k-12 American education does not teach Japanese and British government. At least not modern interactions of those governments and how their politics work. That point was just weird.
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2021.10.23 03:50 YoungBoiiNBA (FREE) YTB Trench & FN DaDealer Type Beat "True"

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2021.10.23 03:50 notsexmaster Yo tfs a instant bull and constant pineapple??

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