ChoicePoint Has Created a Brand New Directory

2021.11.29 16:49 Technical-Quail1037 ChoicePoint Has Created a Brand New Directory

Visit Now at
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2021.11.29 16:49 studint702 حق

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2021.11.29 16:49 RevolutionaryShip424 Life is so intense

I grew up with addict parents, I grew up in NA, being older now I’ve watched many of my dads friends pass and I’ve herd the things him and his friends at that age say like “everyone we know is going to die until it’s our turn”. Again I grew up with addict parents and as much as I’d like to say that sitting in those meetings my whole childhood made me realize that I’d never live that kind of life I can’t but they did until they didn’t, then I became the addict, but the silent one, you knew but you didn’t really know, I’m still young and as more time passes I realize more and more that this world is taking people I grew up with or mutuals of people I’m close too, I see pain in my generation from the kids that aren’t even touching there 30s. I think realizing this made me push my self to accept what’s to come and realize it can come at any time, I’m manic bipolar, I have deep deep wants to go blow my sobriety almost on a daily basis. I’m also a mother and I’d like to say that the reason I don’t go out and get high is for him but it’s really because I couldn’t bare to give someone the pain this kind of loss gives another. It’s important to know you have a choice and anyone els struggling with there addictions, we do win but only when we put effort into the work it takes to be a winner.
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2021.11.29 16:49 Rolypolyoly1877 Do you use Reddit as a platform to connect with people you know IRL?

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2021.11.29 16:49 Tux_fan I'm from El Salvador...UPDATE 5

Hi, it’s time for another update!
At this point in time the hype is fading away and things are settling down.
For starters, the chivo app still have problems doing transactions (tx) to external wallets like muun or coinomi. Tx between chivo wallets are fine, although they use a btc L1 QR code, the transactions are instant and without any issue, so it’s logic to assume chivo doesn’t use the btc blockchain at all.
I personally think chivo app is becoming something similar to a bank app, you can send and receive money, it has 0 fees between the same app, you contact customer support for any issues, and it’s a pain in the ass to make transaction to other banks (external wallets)…
Many of you might say this is just the beginning and that things will change…and you’re probably right, I also hope the development of btc as currency take a step forward.
Moreover, I imagine what many of you are thinking, why do you need to use chivo? Just use another wallet.
Yes, I can use other LN wallets, however the main issue is the fee, a $0.50 coke can become $1.50, all of you already know how fees work. So, by using chivo app you omit paying fees and the transaction is instant…
The most used wallets aside chivo are muun and wallet of Satoshi, only on the beach and nearby places you might find bitcoin beach wallet. Many people asked me about strike, but no one really use it, it requires your ID to register aside other personal information, you also can´t send less than $5 so…it’s not a wallet for daily use.
Some people also asked about the implementation of other crypto currencies, there are some interesting projects like nano but as long the coin doesn´t show any advantage in a daily use I find it harder to succeed.
Probably the big news as for today is bitcoin city, since I don´t have more information than what Bukele explain I’ll only share what people is saying…
As always, there are many who thinks this will help develop the country attracting investors and foreigners, I think this is true. On the other hand, there’s also people who claim the country need investment in areas like education, security and so on rather than building btc city which probably only benefit a small group of people…I also think this is true.
El Salvador needs to improve in many ways, government needs to plan in short and long term. There´s no good or wrong answer at the moment, after all you do what you can and what you think will bring the best outcome.
Fun fact, the image of bitcoin city is actually a stock image with a volcano over it…this became trendy in social media days ago.
Probably the most eye-catching feature is the tax exemption, bitcoin city seems to be a haven for local and foreign investors, I personally think Salvadoran government is saying “I don’t care how you get the bitcoin…just come”.
Will btc city became a crypto version of Las Vegas? What are your thoughts? Leave your comments below!
There’re also some people who asked me about land and the safest locations in my country, it´s hard to answer in detail to everyone so I will create a post around Friday titled
“Almost everything you need to know to buy land in El Salvador and not dying (literally) in the process”
With such a catchy title it will be difficult to miss it….
I will try to summarize the most relevant information about my country geography and social context. There are many misconceptions about how dangerous El Salvador is. I´ll also give you some insights about real state, I wonder if anyone is interested where btc city will be built.
As always, I’ll try to answer all your questions.
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2021.11.29 16:49 theguywithacomputer What speeds can I expect if I get Unlimited 5g and I reach the point of my traffic being de prioritized?

Assuming after 35 gb. After 35 gb, what speeds should I get? I wouldn't mind if they were just regular 4g speeds (20-30 mb/s). I ask because I want an unlimited plan to do game streaming on from an android phone. Anyone have any information on this?
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2021.11.29 16:49 drynionph ⚡ Wanamoon BSC Token | ⚡ Launching Now on BSC | ownership renounced | $40k Jackpot Draw Today | Unique Tokenomics | Active Community in Telegram | Don't Miss This x100 Potential Gem


WANAMOON is a new token that rewards holders and new buyers with the opportunity to be entered in to a weekly JACKPOT draws! 50% of the jackpot goes to one holder paid in BUSD. The other 50% will be used to buy one of the hottest meme token of the week and distributed proportionately to qualified holders. You goto be in it to win it! Initially launching on BSC Blockchain, Wana Moon will then rapidly expand to other blockchains including ETH very soon!

Contract Address: 0x460042aF78f77f44A39c2b0378A35D95fEb9FD7C

TL;DR ⚙️
⁃ Weekly Jackpot Token, first draw takes place
⁃ WanaMoon Contract Fully Audited by SolidProof
⁃ Team Fully Doxxed & KYC Verified
⁃ Liquidity will be locked
⁃ Full Dapp Release on Launch to track Jackpot Entires and Total Worth
⁃ Full Detailed aggressive marketing plan
⁃ BIG Token Partnerships in talks
⁃ Team with a detailed roadmap plan of execution

⁃ 1% reflection to all holders
⁃ 2% Weekly jackpot
⁃ 3% Buyback and auto liquify
⁃ 4% Marketing

Contract Address: 0x460042aF78f77f44A39c2b0378A35D95fEb9FD7C
✨Pinksale Locked


⛓️ Website:
✉️ Telegram:
⚽ Twitter:
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2021.11.29 16:49 Spookyy422 Makes me want to punch someone

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2021.11.29 16:49 Comtass Tigrayan fighters use sexual violence as weapon of war. Girls as young as 12 were gang raped in Amhara villages.

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2021.11.29 16:49 404NinjaNotFound RPAN is looking for new mods! Application link in the comments.

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2021.11.29 16:49 Acceptable-Display33 Gabriel - Empire

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2021.11.29 16:49 drstock Sharks' Evander Kane clears waivers, return to game action still uncertain

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2021.11.29 16:49 Parking_Essay4125 Crush sending me mixed signals. Is she just shy or?

We are both in law school and I'm a year older than her. I noticed her in class when I looked up and we locked eyes because she was already looking at me. This lasted maybe 10 seconds until she looked down. I can say it felt electric and I'm sure whatever she felt was similar.
The next day when she was walking past the aisle where I was sitting, I looked at her until she looked at me, and I looked away and back and she did the same (look away and back immediately). For the next few weeks I found her sneaking glances at me and acting nervous. So after a week I talked to her finally.
First interaction: I made some dumb comment that got her attention. She was with her friends. She kept fidgeting with her legs moving in place. We continued to talk and her friends left after like a minute when realizing I'm just talking to her mainly. Her pupils were dilated and she was really engaged in the conversation.
Next morning I saw her before class and we were the only ones there at the time. We talked some more briefly and she mentioned some stuff from the day before, so she remembered some stuff about me. Later that day before our last class ended, it was gonna be the weekend so I wanted to look at her one last time. As I put on my backpack to walk towards the door, I looked towards her direction to see her already moving her eyes down as soon as I spotted her. She was looking at me.
And today, well she stood near me before class while I was with my friend. I called her name and asked her about classes and whatnot, about her hobbies and how she plays piano and guitar. She seemed engaged, again her pupils dilated. When I called her name she walked over directly to me. We were with a group standing against the wall, but all her attention was on me and feet pointing towards me and so forth. But no flirting. Idk if it's because all our classmates were there and she didn't want to seem flirty or embarrass herself but I'm just more confused now. This last convo sounded friendly how I talk with other girls or guys.
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2021.11.29 16:49 PM-YOUR-DOG The way the mud froze on this truck looks like a painting of the forest

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2021.11.29 16:49 Successful_Emu_3910 [LF] See inside [FT] NMTS, bells

I'm lf these: Black European-Style Wall; High-End Stereo. Thanks in advance
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2021.11.29 16:49 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - ‘Tonight’s the night’: Barbados prepares to become a republic | Irish Times

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2021.11.29 16:49 BigChromeTome PS direct came in clutch haven’t canceled Walmart yet. Waiting for PS to ship before I do so I don’t burn myself. 1-3 day express shipping free for PS+ members

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2021.11.29 16:49 maidtop today I found a tik tok cheetos

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2021.11.29 16:49 Didnotseemecomein Josh Eckhart - Chapter 14 - As cold as Ice

Back << Chapter 13 - Everybody was Kung-fu fighting

I walk into the school's cafeteria, and Victor en Evelina are at our table, crowded by other students. Even from the entrance I can hear them asking questions on what happened. News travels fast here I guess. So I grab a tray and load some food on it. Walking over to our table, I try to jostle myself between the pack of gore hungry students. “Hey watch it!”, “Auw!”, “Wait your turn.” Until they recognize me and they part like the Red Sea before me. So I sit down next to Victor and start eating. After the initial shock the questions start again, but now they are directed at me. Rule one of being around Josh: don't disturb me while I'm eating. That could end very badly for you. I look up from my tray, between the bangs of my hair, and glare at the surrounding pack. It seems to work as some of them almost fall back in shock. “Euhm, never mind, bon appetit.” One of them says and the group dissolves. “That wasn't nice Josh.” I can hear Evelina say. “Yeah buddy, didn't you see those chicks hovering around, I could have a shot at those.” That resulted in a snort from me, and a punch in the shoulder from Eve.
“Sorry, I'm not really in the mood to answer those kinds of questions.” Victor and Evelina nod at that. “So what did miss Hallaway have to say about it?” Eve enquiries. I sigh, and my appetite is gone like the wind. “She wants me training with Archie to find out where I conjured the shield from, and where my fighting instincts came from.” Victor doesn't really understand, “that's great man, Archie is bound to teach you some wicked tricks, and then you're even more unstoppable.” He just barely refrains himself of doing a superhero strike pose while he says that. It's obvious he wanted this kind of power and attention, and now he tries to ride my wave. I don't really care, as long as he doesn't drown along the way. “Yes Victor, he probably will, the problem is that I don't know how I did all that on the square, and I'm afraid I'm going to hurt Archie again. All the fighting was by instinct and reaction, I wasn't conscious about how or who, I just reacted. What I've I drive an ice lance through Archie's body next?” Vic is in shock, but Evelina just looks at me calculatedly. I guess she already knew that, and is trying to find a way to handle the situation. I just want to go to sleep right now, and forget about it.
My body smacks into a hard surface and when I open my eyes darkness greets me. I don't know where I am, and how I got here, I can't seem to move, my body is restricted by something wet and kinda smelly. Taking a couple of deep breaths to steady my heart, I can see a sliver of light beneath a door, and slowly my eyes become accustomed to the darkness of my room. The soft snore of Victor in the opposite bed finds his way through the haze in my mind. I'm in my bedroom, wrapped up in my own blanket which is drenched in my sweat. I just had another nightmare. A couple of weeks I've done without it, but now Jace’s burning and screaming body is joined with three other faceless bodies. Blood bubbling out of their mouths, and staining their white clothes. They all point accusing fingers at me, and I can hear voices in my head telling me it's all my fault, and that I'm a monster. Then Jace takes hold of my arm, and I can feel the heat burning, and smell the putrid scent of singed hairs, even if it's in my dream, I stumble back, and that was when I fell out of bed. After managing to untangle myself out of my homemade straight jacket.
I open the door into our shared bathroom, and splash some water in my face. My alarm clock says it's just after two in the morning, but my body says that there's no fucking way it's going back to sleep. So I open my closet and take out my sweatpants and a hoodie, and I start wandering the empty hallways. Lost in thought, I didn't even know where I was going until I was standing in the middle of the courtyard beneath the gazebo I made. This is a fine location for meditation, so that is what I will do. I sit down at the center, and close my eyes. Concentrating on my breathing, I imagine all the bad stuff in my body, the stress, and the images of those I killed, to leave in bits and pieces on every outgoing breath, like small flecks of dust swirling away when you open a door into a dusty room. It helps, my heart rate is back to normal, and that knot in your stomach you get when there's something wrong, has untangled itself. It's been awhile since I've been this at ease, so I let my thoughts wander on what happened in Mererech.
“That's a nice trick Josh.” I can hear next to me, and my bubble of tranquility is broken, and I fall hard in my ass. What the hell? I open my eyes to see me Archie sitting on the rail surrounding the gazebo. “What just happened?” Archie just looks at me with an amused expression. “You don't know? You were levitating.” And he gets up to walk over to me. After helping me off the floor, we take a seat on the rails together. “What are you doing here at this time of night Josh?” “I can ask you the same question Archie.” I counter him. But he just shrugs, “couldn't sleep.” I nod my head, “me neither.” We fall silent for a moment, just enjoying the scenery and the company. Archie always made me feel like I didn't have to explain everything, and he just accepts me for who and what I am. I wish more people did that. “Did the director talk to you about what happened in Mererch?” Archie asks, “yeah, and that I've got to train with you to control this new fighting ability. I'm afraid Archie, what if I can't control my actions, and drive an ice lance through your heart?” Archie just looks at me and smiles. “Don't you worry about me Josh. Looks can be deceiving, I'm quite capable of training you, and dodging or blocking your attacks. And, if I do get hurt, you can always heal me like in the infirmary.” Schock is written all over my face, how did he find out? “Did Vithoulkas tell you that?” Archie shakes his head. “I kinda figured it out myself. I felt like being on the brink of death, when a warm feeling enveloped me, and pulled me back into my body. Pains and aches ebbed away, and when I opened my eyes I saw you fall onto the floor. Being reprimanded by our kind doctor.” My heart relaxes again, Archie isn't mad, and isn't going to treat me different. He's just curious. “I think it's time to go to bed now Josh, and I'll see you tomorrow at class.” So we get up, say our goodbye and I wander back to my room.
Sleep would be a good thing to do, but I doubt I can get back to sleep with those nightmares waiting for me. So I grab my pillow and sit down in front of my bed. Crossing my legs over, I position myself in Lotus and close my eyes. Within minutes I can feel my body relax and my heart rate decrease. Maybe this is my new way of sleeping? Just rest, meditate and don't fall asleep. I'm going to try how far this is going to get me.
The next morning I can hear Victor mumble something in his sleep when he starts to wake up, and I pull myself out of my meditation. In one fluid motion I stand up from the ground and walk over to our bathroom to take a shower. I feel great, rested, and full of energy! This is probably the best night I've had since I accidentally killed Jace. After drying myself I walk back into the room to see Victor awake and waiting,
“You look a hell of a lot better than yesterday Bud.” I smile, “I know, and I feel even greater!” Victor moves to take a shower while I find some clothes to wear, when Evelina bursts into our room. Arcing an eyebrow at her, “are you going to do this often?” She looks at me, “Do what?” And I just shrug and continue to get dressed. After a moment Victor sauntered back into the room wearing only the towel and his hair was still dripping. Eve stops talking about something to look at him, and missing her voice I look up too. Victor is just standing there looking like a demigod with his very pronounced abdomen, and wet hair. A small blush formed on Eve’s cheeks before she shook her head. “For God's sake, put some clothes on you idiot!” That's more like the Eve I know, and finish tying my boots. “Are you going to join us at the cafeteria?” She asks me, and I shake my head. “Today is my first practice with Archie about my new fighting abilities.” Her eyes widened, “do come over later and tell us everything that happened!” I smile back, “like always”, and I head out of my room.
Stepping into the familiar classroom with the moat, I see Archie at the rack of weapons contemplating which one to use first. So I walk over to him and before I'm halfway, he turns around and starts walking over to me, a broad sword in hand. I arc an eyebrow, and cock my head as to say, what are you going to do with that? As we meet at the edge of the moat, I start with “hey Archie, what are we going to do today?” Archie responds by swinging the claymore two handed at my stomach, and I jump back in the nick of time, a small slash in my shirt where the tip connected. “What the hell!” But before I can ask more questions, an overhead chop makes me having to dodge again, jumping to the side I stumble and fall on my ass, but Archie is unrelenting, hacking at me again, but I shuffle back and spread my legs, the point of the sword coming way too close for comfort to my ‘package’. “Jezus Archie, knock it off!” But Archie is already in movement, turning the sword over and starts another swing, this time at my head. I lay down flat, roll over to my left, and jump up, seeing a small opening Archie left when he finishes the swing. I kick my foot towards his side, making him jump away, and crouch down into a fighting position, holding his sword loosely in his left hand. “By the way,” Archie casually remarks, “I'm just as good with left as right.” Before starting another flurry of attacks that have me jumping, crouching and rolling away from him. I'm not really out of shape, but I can feel a lot of muscles protesting at the onslaught I've put them through. Maybe it's time to get on the offense? I whip my arm out, and close my fist to swing it at him, when I feel something hard and cold in my grasp, and without looking at what it is, I angle it at yet another swipe of Archie's claymore. A ringing sound when our weapons meet rolls around the classroom, and I stare wide eyed at a perfect replica of Archie's sword, but made of ice. From the hilt sprouts a crossguard, and a dip in the center runs the length of the sword, coming out just below the tip. Because of some gladiator movie I once watched I knew it was called a fuller, to make a sword less heavy, but that doesn't mean it is lightweight. The only difference between my and Archie's sword is a weird shaped hole just above the grip, that seems to have no function at all. I look up at Archie again, and he's grinning at me. “Took you long enough to conjure that.” And he lowers his sword. Still heaving from this unexpected workout I start to lower my own sword, as Archie hands me his sword, hilt first. “Can I see yours for a moment? I want to examine it for a bit.” So I handed him my ice sword hilt first too. After our swap, and I release my sword, it instantly melts down, leaving Archie with nothing more than a wet hand. “Ah, okay, that was to be expected.” He sighs, “can you conjure another one?” I really want to but I have no idea how I did it in the first place. But that isn't going to stop me now. So I close my eyes, and focus on the image of the claymore. I try to vision it sweeping around in my hand, clashing against other imaginary swords, and a small tingle starts in my hand. So I whip out my hand again, and close my fist, and yet again, I can feel something hard and cold in my hand. When I open my eyes, I see another hardened ice sword in my hand, this one even has engravings running the length of the sword, between the fuller and the edge, and around the hole at the base. The markings are beautiful, even if I have no idea what they spell. By the look on Archie's face he's impressed by those markings too, and steps closer to examine them. “Where did you see those markings?” “No idea, never seen them in my life, and I have no idea what they mean.” Is my reply. Archie just shakes his head, “incredible, let's test its strength shall we? And be careful it's very sharp!” As he steps back and crouches down, I try to mimic my stand with his. “Right foot a bit more forward, and lean into it. Keep your core balance above your knee, that way, when I do this,” and he explodes into motion, running the sword forward towards my head, I simply lean out to tap his sword further out with mine, “you can parry almost every attack and keep standing.” He completes. Next he shows me a whole list of other stands and grips on my sword. “It's a two handed sword by design, so you need to work on your stand, and to keep your both arms in sync while maneuvering it around.” “It doesn't feel like my sword.” I mumble. “What was that Josh?” And I look up to see Archie standing spread legs, holding his sword to show me another grip technique. “I don't know, it just doesn't feel right, like I'm not build for this sword.” Archie straightens up again and walks over. “Maybe we can find another sword you can conjure that suits you more, follow me.” And we both start walking to the weapon rack. I've always wondered why a school like ours would need that many different kinds of weapons, even if they don't really teach it to the students, but for now I'm glad we do. In the following hour we look and feel at a lot of different kinds of swords, from other measured claymores, cutlasses, katanas, rapiers, till we reach a section of scimitars. Instantly I'm pulled to a slightly curved, with a curved hilt mirrored to the curve of the blade. Picking it out of the rack I can feel that this is the kind of weapon suited to me, it's not too heavy, doesn't have an intricate guard, just plain, simple and deadly, like me!
Archie looks approving at my choice and grabs a similar sword, and walks back to our fighting ring. “Okay Josh, the claymore we used earlier is used for its weight and power you can push in it, making it a slow sword, but hard to block due to it's momentum. The scimitar is light and agile, making it a fast sword, easier to block, but not always easier to counter. So you need to take extra care to keep up.” Crouching down into his fighting stance, I mimic his movement, holding the sword away from me at a down angle. When I see the twitch in the muscles of his arm, indicating he started moving so I try to counter his attack, but unused to the light weight of this new sword, I overcompensate my swing, making me turn on the spot, exposing my back to Archie. Instantly I can feel the tip of his sword nick my back. “You're dead.” He remarks dryly. Reverting back to the fighting stance, I move the sword in circles before me, feigning attacks from all sides, and gradually speeding up until I get the hang of the weight and reach of this sword. “Let's try again, I'm ready now.” I tell Archie while making myself ready for the next part of our lesson. Archie attacks again, and this time I have no problem angling my sword to block his attack. “Good.” And then he turns it up a notch, attacking faster and faster, and with more and more intricate movements of his sword and footwork. I'm having a slight trouble keeping up, resulting in a couple of cuts on my arms and torso, but most of the attacks I seem to be able to dodge or deflect. This isn't as hard as it looks. After an hour of relentless parrying, Archie suddenly stops, breathing hard. “You sure that this is the first time you're holding a sword?” I don't seem to be as winded as him, but then again, I've only been on the offensive side yet. “Yup.” I responded, and crouched back into stance. Archie grins and readies himself again. But this time I'm not waiting for him to attack me, but I start the fight myself. Closing the distance between us in two steps, I start with a feint to the right side of his head, but just before the sword comes into reach, and Archie starts a blocking maneuver, I twist the sword, going under his block, and attack from his left side. Startled by the quick change of attack, Archie barely has time to react, and hits the sword out of its trajectory with the pommel of his sword.
“Nice move, time to step up my game.” Archie wastes no time countering and attacks me again with a flurry of movement, I have a hard time keeping track of all his slices and feints. Between all of his attacks I manage to add some of my own, giving Archie a good run for his money too. We break off our fight standing two steps back giving each other room. This time we're both panting for breath. “That was… “ I start, and Archie finishes, “really intense." "I've never seen anyone being this good with a sword, when it's the first time holding one. To say you've got a natural talent would be the understatement of the year.” That made me smile. I have no idea where it all comes from, normally I'm the quiet type at the back of the room, always avoiding attention and fights, but this was really invigorating.
“Go put that sword away Josh, and let's focus on your ice sword.” A minute later I'm standing on the practice ring surrounded by the moat, trying to vision the scimitar in my mindseye. After a moment, when I think I've pictured it perfectly, I focus my energy into my hand, and force it to take the shape of the scimitar. Grasping the hilt, I opened my eyes, to see a perfect replica of the sword I was holding earlier. The only difference is that this one is made purely from ice, it has the weird letters written over the length of the blade, and it has the same telltale hole at the base of the blade.
“Very nice Josh.” And Archie takes a moment studying the sword. Never taking it out of my hand, because it would dissolve instantly. “Dismiss it.” Looking over at my teacher, “how do I do that?” “I don't know, it's your sword, your energy.” So I vision the sword evaporating into the mana smoke, and retreat back into my body. Instantly changes can been seen in the sword, and it loses focus, before exploding into mana vapor and rushing back through my skin. “Conjure it again.” “But I just dismissed it!” “If you need this sword while in a fight, you need to be able to conjure it as quickly as possible. So we're training on that now.” Sensing that to be a rational idea, I close my eyes, and vision the sword again, this time it feels easier to focus it, and requesting the energy needed. So when I open my eyes, the ice formed scimitar is already in my hands. “Good, again.” I throw the sword in the air, giving a last command to evaporate, and while it's tumbling in the air, and dissolving, I've already closed my eyes, and grasped the grip of the newly formed sword. “Haha nice trick Josh, now again without closing your eyes. You can't really do that in the middle of battle.” Dissolving yet another sword, I stretch my hand, and try to see a new sword in my hands, this is a lot trickier than with your eyes closed. “Come on Josh, focus.” Jeez I'm trying! But nonetheless I put in a bit more effort and I can see a shimmering of mana flow from my hands, and it starts to take the form of my sword. After a full minute, the sword is finally finished, and I'm panting. What the hell? “Well, we've found the focus of our next training it seems?” While I dismiss the sword, I catch the water bottle Archie throws me. “Why is it so difficult to do with your eyes open?” Archie seems to ponder that for a moment. “This is all new terrain for me also Josh, but an educated guess would be that you don't focus enough because of all the input you get. Closing your eyes will cut off a lot of sensory info you otherwise would need to ignore. And because this is a quiet room, sounds aren't a distraction here. If I'm correct it would mean that having you do that in a crowded room would be difficult even with your eyes closed. We'll keep on training on that until you can do that in your sleep.”
Three hours later I almost crawled out of the training room, feeling exhausted. All this pull on my mana has taken a toll, and it's time for some well deserved food! It's a Saturday, so when I walk into the cafeteria, it's almost empty. After loading my tray with about all the different types of food they offer, I take a seat at my table. Completely oblivious to my surroundings, I start munching down the food, hardly tasting it before swallowing. “You even eat like a pig. Didn't your parents teach you how to eat, oh wait, they’re nomags right? Then never mind, they don't know any better! Hahaha.” A round of laughter is heard around my table. Swallowing the last piece of meat down, I look up to see Aaron at my table, now you don't yet know Aaron, and I only know him by reputation. Senior year, total hunk, according to Eve, total jerk, according to others. Has a nick off picking on the first year's students, has no problem showering you in all the magical attacks he can think of. Has a standard group of idiots hanging around them that laugh at all of his jokes, no matter how lame they are. So, in short, wizard Jace. I'm really not in the mood for this.
“Can I help you Aaron?” Best to try and keep it civilized right? “Oh look, it can talk! And here I thought you could only glare at others.” Cue another round of forced laughter. “No, I'm sorry to disappoint you. Someone along the line taught me some words.” “You really think you're an all big shot don't you, with your so-called rescue in Meredesh?” “Not really, if I could have avoided it, I would've.” “No, I don't think you would, you like to be in the center of attention.” “No, that's your job.” It was out before I could stop myself. You could feel the tension rise immediately in the group. First year's have gotten a beating from Aaron for much less before. “What did you say?” He starts to look like a raging bull right now, his muscles flexing beneath his too small shirt, probably chosen for that reason alone. Crap, I don't want to do this. “Listen Aaron,” I start when I get up, “Archie has been training me, and I don't want to hurt you but,” “Hahaha, that old man doesn't even know his right from his left!” Another round of forced laughter is stopped short. “Really Aaron, old man? You want to back that statement up?” The group as one turns around to the new voice behind us, and there's our ‘old man Archie’, standing quite impressive with his hair tied in a tail, and wearing loose clothes, that has some nicks from our sparring match, showing glimpses of his well trained body. The falling light from the high windows doing his facial features a lot of justice. If you look at him like this, he looks more badass than any of these idiots.
“Euhm, Archie, I umh,” Aaron stumbles through his apology. “That's Sir Archimedes for you.” I completely forget to hide my smirk at that remark, this is just too great. “Yes, sir, sorry sir, excuse me, I had to be somewhere…” Aaron trails off, and his troop of idiots back away, and leave the cafeteria. Archie is still staring at the door they left, as he suddenly turns around. “You should've kept that to yourself Josh. And were you really going to fight him?” It sounded like an accusation, but I don't know why I couldn't tell Aaron that I'm being trained by Archie. Maybe I'll ask him later. “I wasn't planning on it, but if he attacked first, maybe.” “Hmm, we'll work on that later then.” And Archie turns away, and marches out of the cafeteria, leaving me baffled. Having no idea what just happened, I think my best course of action is to call it a day. And I head over to my room to meditate.
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He got both the Chinese vaccine in China and then the Pfizer vaccine in Europe. Will he likely kick the bucket soon by getting vaccinated so many times? And he also has scoliosis and severe back pain and his doc said he'd be paralysed soon
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2021.11.29 16:49 Waikanda_dontcare Oddball should NOT be on live fire

Literally the most BS cheese mode map combo I’ve played. So fucking anti fun it’s unreal. Sitting up in a corner and jumping off the second the other team makes any progress is so fuck stupid.
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