So akshay kumar is also joining yrf spy universe titled master after rohit shetty cop universe??

2021.11.29 18:09 Holiday_Cranberry313 So akshay kumar is also joining yrf spy universe titled master after rohit shetty cop universe??

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2021.11.29 18:09 rainresonance It's STUCK!

This thing loves the 70s.
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2021.11.29 18:09 jordha Monday Mixup w/ Gina Darling

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2021.11.29 18:09 Anarchyboy85 Would this be covered under the warranty?

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2021.11.29 18:09 Half-God-Half-Devil My Wife (F35) keeps bullying me (M35), I have separation anxiety

I know this will make me a laughingstock for most of you but after going through years of bullying and domestic abuse I have reached at a point where I must vent it all out before I go insane.
I grew up in a very messed up home. I was abused in childhood; my father was extremely aggressive and dominating. My mom was schizophrenic and didn’t understand much. In the years of growing up, just to save myself, I developed this behavior where I say “Yes” to anything, and everything to avoid the confrontation, I used to get beaten up a lot in my childhood. In my school and even college days, I was heavily bullied because of being too skinny and introvert.
As I entered in my professional life when I got my first job things started getting better for me. People used to respect me because I was good at my work.
Finally, I got married. It was an arranged married, which is a very common practice in our culture. But I was happy that finally I made a decent life and a nice home for me.
But soon I started noticing that something was not quite right about my wife. I never met her before marriage, Yes, you read that correct. In our culture these arrange marriages are very common and ours was done in a very rush. Anyways, once we got married, I noticed that my wife showed no interest in any intimacy or sexual relations at all! Initially I thought that it might be due to rushed marriage, so I tried to be friends with her and gave her time to know me. Believe it or not, for first 2 and half years of our marriage, we didn’t have any sex at all!!
Well, eventually she stared making out with me. But I always felt that it was very mechanical and fake. I tried to ask her but every time she just got aggressive and angry.
I don’t know how to explain this, but due to my childhood traumas I have this strange tendency to shut down myself when someone gets aggressive with me. I just feel like avoiding any confrontations. I will rather suffer in silence than an aggressive encounter. (You can laugh all you want !! Yes, I am a weak man!!)
Over the time, I noticed that she became more dominating and started bullying me. Somehow, she gained confidence that I not going to disclose the truth to anyone. On my request, she even agreed to go to a marriage counselor, but I saw with my own eyes that she lied to her about the whole situation and said it was my fault that she doesn’t feel like having sex.
On occasions I felt like may she just doesn’t like men at all, or maybe she is an asexual person. I asked her these things as well but ended up getting an aggressive response from her side every time.
Anyways, to cut the long story short, Last year we had a daughter, not through “natural way” but through medical treatment). I know having a child in such kind of relationship was a huge mistake. But I Just kept going with the flow. When I held my daughter for the first time, that the probably the happiest moment of my life. I promised myself that I will be the best dad for her. My daughter means the world to me and the very thought of not being with her gives me anxiety. My wife knows this.
Her brother was living with us from past 2 years. He was not working during covid times so just stayed with us whole time. He is huge body builder kind of guy.
So, what happened last was, I was talking with my wife that I am feeling really sexually frustrated, and I got really upset with her for not accepting the truth. I don’t know what she told to her brother, and he just came threating me and tried to manhandle me in my own house. My wife said to me that she will never let me see my daughter again.
I looked at my daughter’s face and I decided that I will not her childhood spoil like this. I will stay and be a good father for her. But I think after that incident, my wife just thought that I will not stand up to her brother. So, every once a while she kept mentioning her brother’s name in front of me in a threating fashion.
I don’t know if this woman is gay or asexual or what! But I do know that she intentionally spoiled my life and took advantage of my childhood traumas. Her brother thinks that he is stronger than me so he can threaten me in my own house!! You will be surprised to know, whenever he comes, he doesn’t even ring the doorbell, he has the security code, he straight away enters it and just comes inside.!!
Let me tell you all something, I don’t want to run or quit now.
I want to punish her and her brother. I am ready to go to any lengths. If anyone has any idea how I can deal with these two and teach them a lesson, please feel free to suggest. Just don’t tell me to quit, cause me quitting will not be a punishment for this woman and her brother, they will just thing that I ran!
I want to stay for my daughter, but I want to make sure that I am not being bullied anymore.
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2021.11.29 18:09 teridot More cells!

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2021.11.29 18:09 neptunes-assistant Tight spaces {16} (Triton)

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2021.11.29 18:09 Pressxfx [EU-BE] [H] GMK Kaiju + Warnings kit [W] Paypal

Selling my GMK Kaiju, Base set + Warnings kit. Used for about a month, perfect condition, no shine whatsoever. 190EUR (incl PayPal fees, excl shipping)
Note: I don't have the box anymore, SO threw it away. I'll ship it to you very carefully, but if you also wanted the cardboard, I'm very sorry.
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2021.11.29 18:09 responsibleimmunity Longtime Dharma Ocean senior teacher Neil Mckinlay speaks about recovery
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2021.11.29 18:09 EscapeBeats How to sell yourself as a freelance writer with no experience/testimonials?

Given that I create an amazing pirtfolio, how can I stand out among my competitors who have a long history of work?
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2021.11.29 18:09 ayirames_my "Lunar dimension" art by MY

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2021.11.29 18:09 ErenYDidNothingWrong Die Fransen zijn zo gek nog niet

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2021.11.29 18:09 Yiddis Brother XR3340 machine issue help please!

So this just started happening and I have no idea why. I was sewing some polyester fabric with some stretch and then my thread kept breaking. I changed the bobbin, the thread, the needle and even took the machine apart and put it back together and I cant even do one stitch. Why is this happening and what can I do???
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2021.11.29 18:09 Asleep-Journalist-94 Has anyone done house-call bathing and grooming for your pup?

The local groomers seem to be busy and someone recommended a groomer who does it at your home (and we’ve used her before, but at a facility.) has anyone here done this? Is it a giant mess? We have a generous-sized apartment but I’m not wild about the idea of having her do it in the master bath or (ugh) the kitchen sink!
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2021.11.29 18:09 wiggly_wanderer My adventure kitty is coming home with me for Christmas! Looking for a bit of advice on air travel with cats. Is there an airline approved carrier that you love? How did you deal with potty,? It will be a 6-8 hour travel day. Any advice at all is greatly appreciated!

My adventure kitty is coming home with me for Christmas! Looking for a bit of advice on air travel with cats. Is there an airline approved carrier that you love? How did you deal with potty,? It will be a 6-8 hour travel day. Any advice at all is greatly appreciated! submitted by wiggly_wanderer to adventurecats [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 18:09 xSlashNZx Charms & Jewels FT.

Hellfire Torch: Druid, 16 Res, 16 Atts - Mal or 3H + 2D Keys
GC: +1 Barb Combat Skills - Lem or 1H Key
GC: +1 Barb Warcries - Lem or 1H Key
SC: 10 Light Res, 10 Extra Gold - Pul or 2H Keys
Jewel: 39% Enhanced Dam, 15 Max Dam - Ohm or Vex + 3x3 Keys
Jewel: 39% Enhanced Dam - Pul or 2H Keys
Open to offers of combo runes & keys, but I don’t need any T Keys :)
Thanks and happy hunting!
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2021.11.29 18:09 IntelligentPea27 MP Ed Fast just complained that the bicycle in the Environment minister's Zoom background is a "political prop". If Ed Fast thinks bicycles are politically controversial, it's no wonder we have such shitty/dangerous infrastructure in this city.

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2021.11.29 18:09 Nintendocat64 YouTube your new update is shit

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2021.11.29 18:09 bewarethechameleon have any of you played 'surviving the aftermath'?

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2021.11.29 18:09 Flodo_McFloodiloo How do I generate random positions near one starting position?

I'll keep this simple for now. I have a game that requires, upon clicking a place on the screen, that more positions are generated that are near it, but not identical. I'll give more details on request, but hopefully this bit is straightforward.
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2021.11.29 18:09 cc5280cc P17 cp33 optics ready

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2021.11.29 18:09 Moonlight-Haunter The Life Lock

The streets are full of people. Voices, traffic, screams, murmurs, footsteps, horns. A cacophony of sounds invades each of the people walking from one side to the other. Those people who form a block, transporting which herd.
It is a weekday. Lunch time. The sun is high up and even in the middle of the city, with its buildings reaching up to the sky, its rays can be seen and felt. Or at least that's what I imagine.
I can't feel them. I don’t feel the sun, nor the wind, not even the mixed aromas of the different food places. My body doesn’t react to anything. For me, the world has become an eternal night. People are nothing more than shadows, blurred figures that pass from one side to the other without stopping to look. I cannot hear them, nor feel them, nor even recognize them. Their faces are a featureless blur. I can barely make out if they are human or not.
My life was not always like this. Before, I could see the world as it really was: colorful, bright, bustling. I used to hate weekdays, cities, crowds. I used to hate it because I could see every face, distinguish every scent, react to every sound, grow old with those I loved. I don't hate it anymore. Now I miss it.
It all started at a Halloween party. The last one I organized, last October. I had wanted to organize one for a long time, so I was doing it, excited, for months. I would invite all my friends, buy the best decorations, make the best meals. Everything would be perfect.
But it was not. Nothing was perfect.
A few weeks before the party, while looking for decorations on eBay, I found one in particular that caught my eye. They were two hands, open, bony and chilling. The object looked quite old and that gave it even more creepy vibes. I figured it would be perfect for the party, so I bought it. When it arrived, I didn't take it out of the package until the day of the party. I did the same with all the decorations, as I didn't want anyone to see them when they came home for other things. I wanted everything to be a surprise.
When the day finally came, I began to tidy up the whole house. In the front garden, I placed several hollowed pumpkins, with lights inside to greet the guests. I also placed a life-size skeleton by the door, so that it seemed that it was welcoming everyone, as a butler.
Small garlands of bats decorated the staircase. I hang plastic spider webs in the corners and lamps. Little ghosts, black cats and witches decorated the trays, plates and tables where food and drink will be displayed. In addition, I placed some pretty creepy decorations in various places around the house with the intention of scaring some of my friends. The stuffed spiders sticking out of the bathroom mirror were one of my favorites.
When I took the palms out of their box, I was amazed at how they looked. They were even creepier in person. They were made of a white material, similar to marble, just as cold and white, but not as hard. They were so detailed that veins, tendons and bones could be easily distinguished. The nails were long and sharp, just as white as the rest of the piece. The support on which they were leaning was made of dark and shiny wood. There was no inscription anywhere. No mark, not even a scratch. It was strange to see that they were so pristine but still looked so old.
I was observing them for several minutes, in wonder, until I decided to place them on a small table, near the entrance; next to a lamp that I had decorated with cobwebs.
Guests began arriving shortly after. All my friends were there and they showed up in the most varied costumes. I'd disguised myself as a vampire, with false teeth and all. The party was incredible; We drank, we played, we laughed. Everything seemed to be going wonderfully and I felt splendid to see my friends enjoying everything I had prepared. There were even some who were spooked by the decorations I had bought and arranged specifically for that, so I was proud as well.
The night progressed and some children rang the bell to receive their sweets. Little princesses and princes, werewolves, vampires, mummies and knights; everyone went through the door and received their candy. After midnight, when all the children had returned home, our party continued.
At one point, I was talking to one of my friends. I was leaning against the back of the sofa and my eyes drifted from her face to the hands. I didn't know why, but there was something about them that had been calling me all night, like they wanted my full attention. My eyes were fixed on the white palms, on the sharp nails, on the tendons molded in that strange material. The edges of my vision started to turn black, but I didn't feel bad. For some reason, I couldn't take my eyes off those hands.
The minutes seemed to turn into hours. All notion of time became useless in my brain. I didn't blink once while looking at them. My vision became increasingly black, the light went out, and my surroundings seemed to cease to exist. Eventually even the hands turned black and I lost consciousness.
When I woke up, I was startled. There was a lot of light around me, such a contrast to the previous darkness that it made my head ache. I remember grabbing my head with both hands and closing my eyes tightly, trying to make the pain stop and the light to go out.
When I opened my eyes again, I realized that I was on a gurney. I looked around, finding one of my friends, sitting in a chair next to me.
"You passed out," he told me. His tone of voice was concerned. "We didn't know what had happened to you, it looked like you hit your head when you fell, so we called 911 and they brought you to the hospital."
I could hear his words, but their meaning eluded me slightly. Had I passed out looking at the palms? I wasn't sure what he was telling me. My friend also told me that I had been unconscious most of the day, that Halloween was over, and that visiting hours were about to finish, so he had to leave soon. After a moment, he said goodbye to me and left.
Moments later, a doctor approached me. I don't remember their face, nor their name. I don't even remember if it was a man or a woman. Everything was blurry. What I do remember is that they informed me that I had suffered a small decompensation, but that the blow had not been strong and that I would soon be able to return home.
I was in the hospital until the next morning. During the night they did more studies on me and let me go with the recommendation that I not make too much effort in the next few days.
When I returned home, most of the decorations had been removed and traces of the party cleaned up. I silently thanked my friends for doing this and made a mental note to thank them the next time I saw them.
I finished arranging the things that had been left out during the day, trying not to strain myself as the doctor had said. For some reason, I didn't get close to the hands until late at night. There was something inside me that prevented me from going to the place where they were. But eventually I had to get closer, and then my heart raced at what I saw.
The palms, once open, as if welcoming, were now closed. It seemed as if they were trying to contain something. As if they caught something and didn't want to let it go. I touched them, trying to test if they moved, because maybe one of my friends had left them that way, but they were as firm as before. It was impossible to move them. I did not understand what was happening at the time. I'm still not sure I know what's going on now, but over time I discovered that this was not just a decoration.
I tried to put them in the box they came in, but no matter how much I put them in there, they would return to their place on the table. At first I thought I was just confused, that I had only intended to put them away and then I hadn't. But as the days passed, that was not the case: I tried to put them in the box, hide them, get them out of the house... and they returned to their place. Over and over.
But that was not the only change. As the days passed, as the hands continued to slip away, I began to notice changes in myself. In my body, in my thoughts, in the way I saw and felt the world.
The first thing I felt was the sensation of being watched. No matter where I went, the feeling was always there. At home, at work, in the car. I turned over and over again, trying to find who was following me and watching, but there was never anyone. At first I thought it was just the feeling, that it was surely my imagination for everything that had happened in the last few days.
But then I began to feel a compression in my chest. As if my rib cage was being squeezed. At times it was difficult for me to breathe, and at others I felt like I was in a very small room even when I was outdoors.
I went back to the hospital, but no one could find any problems. They attributed it to stress and let me go home. But my house had become a torture, because the hands were still there; closed, as if they wanted to keep me contained, oppressed.
The darkness was what followed. With each new day, it seemed as if the sun became less bright, as if a twilight invaded everything. At first I thought it would be a sign that winter was approaching, but then I realized that even at noon, with the sun high, the world seemed dark. Everything around me began not only to darken but also to blur. Things stopped having distinguishable edges. It was as if I was looking behind a curtain of water all the time.
Once again, I headed to the hospital, believing that perhaps something was wrong with my eyesight. But again, no one could find anything. Everything was perfect. My body was perfect.
And still, I could feel everything getting worse and worse.
I started to get hungry all the time. No matter what I ate, I was never satisfied. The same thing happened with the drink. My throat felt dry the whole time I was awake, and no matter what I took, I still had that intense thirst.
Eventually, I couldn't take anything. Not food, not water. Nothing.
I also stopped being able to sleep. No matter how much I laid down, closed my eyes, the dream didn’t come. It never came. But neither did fatigue.
I knew that something beyond reason was invading me and I was sure it had to do with those damn hands, so I tried my best to get rid of them. I threw them in the trash, tried to break them, threw them across the street, from the roof. I went to the river and threw them into its depths.
But they always came back. To that little table, next to the lamp. They had not changed since the incident, they were still closed and I convinced myself that what they were containing was my own life, as if they wanted to protect it from something... or someone.
The feeling of being watched never went away. In fact, like all other symptoms, it got worse. The pressure on my chest is still there and sometimes I can swear someone is watching me. It is no longer just the feeling. When I turn around, I can see a strange shadow behind me. The shadow of a woman... or so it seems.
She watches me, she chases me. I don't know who she is, or what she wants. The sensations are strange at this point. I don't even know how much time has passed since the Halloween party, I have no idea when the days change, because for me the world is dark all the time.
I can no longer distinguish people and, as I look at the bustle of the street, standing here in the middle of it, I think about everything that has happened.
People pass me, as if they can't see me either. I don't know how they look at me, because their eyes are blurry points on an even more blurred face: they have no features, I can barely distinguish skin from hair or clothes. And she's there, behind me, watching me.
I decide to start running. I have tried this before and it has not worked, but I decide to try one more time.
I run. I run to the river, to the ravine. She follows me closely; I can feel her. Even though the whole world is blurry, she appears to be sharp, as if she is the only thing in the world that matters. I keep running until I jump into the water. I don't need to take a breath, because I’m sure that I have also stopped breathing at some point, just as I have stopped eating and sleeping.
The bottom of the river is covered with rocks and, despite hitting my head, I remain conscious. No blood comes out of the wound. I can't die. And she watches me, furious. How dare I escape from her? No one escapes from her. And that angers her even more.
I don't know how I know this. I just know. The hands continue to hold something, trapping— but perhaps they are protecting. Maybe they are protecting me. And that's what makes her so mad.
I don't know how many hours pass until I get out of the river. I'm soaked and even though it's already nighttime, I don't feel cold. As always, hunger and thirst settle in my body, but I don't even try to calm them. I know how it would end. I can't eat or drink, what's the point of trying?
I walk to my house. And she follows me. She always follows me. She seems to be more furious now. Maybe watching me challenge her in the river made it worse. I don't know and I don't want to find out either. When I get home, I go straight to the hands. They remain the same, closed. I gently touch the cool white surface. I look everywhere. She is on the other side of the door.
The hours go by and neither of us moves. I look at the hands and something whispers to me. They speak a strange language but I can still understand it:
"We have your life; it belongs to us." The whisper seems like hundreds of voices speaking at the same time. The voices of the hands. "She can't touch you, she’ll never be able to do it."
"Who is she?" I ask, but nobody answers.
I look towards the door. She is there, on the other side. She screams, more furious than ever. The door is slammed open and I see it: the darkest of the figures, the sharpest of all. Untouchable, embracing. A force impossible to stop, but she somehow cannot touch me. She screams again. I cover my ears with my hands.
She looks at the hands, perhaps realizing what is happening. I take several steps back, to get away. The voices keep whispering that I am theirs, that my life belongs to them, that they are protecting me so that she cannot touch me. And she's furious that my life should have been hers that day, at the Halloween party, when my head hit the ground.
The hands move. The movement looks like something out of a stop motion movie. Small, slowly, as if displaced from time. My heart races. For a moment I think that the hands will open, going to their original position and freeing me for her to take me. But no. The palms close even more. The pressure in my chest increases. The darkness deepens. The feeling of being trapped is greater, but she becomes even angrier. The hands continue to protect me and they don't want to let me go.
I put a hand in my chest and open my mouth like a fish out of water, trying to breathe harder. Pure survival instinct. Only when I look up and see the blurry, dark world around me do I remember that I don't need to breathe, that I won't die even if I stop.
I smile. She tries to hold the hands, make the palms open, but she can't. The whispers keep saying that my life belongs to them. And she screams that it should be hers.
A fight of wills takes place in front of my misty eyes. She wants to take me; the hands won't let go of me. She screams, the hands whisper. And my life is in between. My life that has become a specter of what it was. Am I still living in spite of everything? Can I call this life? I don’t know. I don't want to ask or think about it too much.
The darkness grows and then she screams louder than ever before. Everything turns dark and I am not sure if I have lost consciousness or just vision.
An infinite moment passes. Minutes, hours, days. Maybe years. I have no idea.
When the absolute darkness disappears, I am still at home. The hands are as always, closed. The day is dark and the world is blurry.
She is gone.
"Your life belongs to us, forever," say the whispers.
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2021.11.29 18:09 bagnlazy Episode 48 || Cam Newton got no speed?! || Bless League Podcast

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