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this week’s new set to the first 4 FCs

2021.11.29 17:12 sunnycolorado this week’s new set to the first 4 FCs

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2021.11.29 17:12 Chromedev3 GUYS NEW PATCH NOTE LEAKS

Mario-All Moves- Decreased Vulnerability before and after all attacks
Dev Note: We felt like Mario gets punished sometimes on online, and that shouldn't be possible. He is our mascot after all!
Link - Side Special- Eliiminated cool down
Link - Up Smash - increased Launch power and move radius
Donkey Kong- Forward air- Increased spike hitbox radius, eliminated launch hitbox
Donkey Kong- Side Special- Increased attack radius
Samus/Dark Samus - Nuetral B - Increased atack power and launch power
Yoshi - Down Special and all tilts - All tilts now have increased shield damage
Kirby - All Specials - Eliminated vulnerability after all specials
Fox - All air attacks, all tilts, all smash attacks- Eliminated invulnerability on all attacks
Pikachu- Hurtbox - Streamlined hurtbox to make it more consistent, increased weight
Luigi - Grab - decreased vulnerabilty on tether Grab
Ness - Side Special - Decreased vulnerability after the attack, increased damage
Captain Falcon - Passive - Granted him auto turnaround
Dev Note: Captain Falcon constantly gets mixed up and baited when he is losing, so we eliminated that! Keep showing your moves, C Falc mains!
JigglyPuff - Self - increased weight
Peach/Daisy - Down Special - Increased chances for a Bom-omb to be summoned to 1 in 10. Down special can now be used in the air
Bowser - Side Special - increased attack range
Bowser- Up Special - increased attack range
Ice Climbers - reenabled infinite combo
Sheik - All smash attacks - increased launch power greatly
Zelda - All specials - increased launch power greatly
Doctor Mario - Removed the ability to Jump
Dev Note: Doctor Mario is just an a fraud, an imposter. He must be punished.
Pichu - All Moves- Pichu spawns with 0.1hp regardless of the gamemode being played (Time, stock, or stamina.)
Falco- Up Tilt- Greatly increased range and damage
Marth - All attacks except for Down Special - Tippers have been removed entirely
Lucina -All Attacks - Tipper power and launch power increased by x2
Young Link - All specials - Eliminated vulnerability
Ganondorf - All attacks - Greatly decreased launch power
Dev Note: I get killed by Ganondorf everyday by my friends at the office. So I'm making some slight adjustments to his power level.
Mewtwo - Hurtbox - Increased damage taken when tail is hit
Roy/Chrom -All Attacks- Launch power increased greatly
Game and Watch - Self - increased weight greatly
Meta Knight - Self - Removed the ability to jump
Pit/ Emo Pit - Self - Removed the ability to Jump
Zero Suit Samus - Down Special - increased the size of it's spike/Bury hitbox greatly
Dev Note: I've been watching alot of Marss recently, and its dawned on me that ZSS is actually pretty underpowered. Hopefully in the next game she'll be decent!
Wario - Down Special - Increased attack radius, eliminated cooldown
Snake - Up Tilt - Removed Up Tilt
Ike - All Moves - Increased attack radius
Squirtle /Ivysaur - Eliminated vulnerability after all moves
Charizard - Side special - move now bypasses shields
Diddy Kong- All moves - Eliminated vulerability after all moves
Lucas- Forward Smash - greatly increased launch power and reflector power
Sonic - Removed
King Dedede - Side Special - Removed the ability to reflect Gordo with normal moves
Olimar- Removed
Lucario - Self - Lucario starts with full Aura and loses it as he takes more damage because fuck you
Rob- Side Special - Increased duration of the move, increased launch power
Toon Link - Removed because fuck you
Wolf - All moves - Removed
Villager - All specials - Greatly increased vulnerability after all moves
MegaMan - Removed
Wii Fit Trainer - No adjustments, bigger breasts tho lol
Rosalina and Luma - Luma - Removed, replaced with Arsene
Little Mac - Self - Given 10 extra Jumps
Little Mac - All attacks - increased launch power
Greninja - Removed
Mii's- Only Joe Biden Mii's are allowed now
Palutena - All Moves - Removed
Pac Man- Nuetral Special - All items are now Keys that instantly KO
Robin- Removed
Shulk-Self- Replaced with Dunban because he's cooler
Dev Note: I'm sorry, who?
Duck Hunt - Removed
Ryu/Ken - All tilts - All tilts have increased power
Dev Note: It's way too hard to get combos and sometime Ryu and Ken can struggle getting confirms. Maybe this will fix that!
Cloud - All Limit attacks- eliminated vulnerabilty after these moves, increased charge rate.
Corrin - Removed
Bayonetta - Down Special and Passive - Witch Time lasts 5x longer
Inkling- Self - Replaced with Octoling
Ridley - Hurtbox - Greatly increased Hurtbox size
Richte Simon - Nuetral, Down and Side Specials - Removed
King K. Rool - Down Smash - Greatly increased Launch power, decreased vulnerability after the move
Isabelle - Removed
Incineroar - Down Special - Increased damage multiplier
Pirahna Plant - Removed
Joker - Passive - Damage multiplier decreased by 1.
Hero - Nuetral Special - Mp required reduced to 5
Banjo and Kazooie-Kazooie- Kazooie has been removed
Terry - Super Special Attacks- Terry's super specials now bypass shield
Byleth - Removed, replaced with Fortnite Jonesy
Min Min- All attacks - Attack range greatly increased
Dev Note: Sometimes when I'm playing ARMS with my daughter, I wonder why Min Min's arms don't cover the entire stage like the do in the game. So I fixed that, your welcome!
Steve - Side Special - Eliminated iron requirement, increased launch power
Sephiroth- Passive - Sephiroth now has an extra jump permanently and permanant hyper armor
Pyra - All Moves - increased attack power
Pyra - All moves - increased attack range
Pyra - Self - added greater jiggle physics
Mythra - All moves - increased attack range
Mythra - Self - added greater Jiggle physics
Dev Note: I am incredibly aroused right now
Kazuya- 10 hit combo - instantly Ko's
Sora - Removed, replaced with Mickey Mouse
Dev Note: hehe funni rat
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2021.11.29 17:12 Deviate_Lulz What projects do you guys have planned or are in-process for this winter?

I’m genuinely curious. Feel free to share down in the comments. I’m also using this post as a way to gather ideas for my future projects as well lol.
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2021.11.29 17:12 Th-3K What Logo/brand is this?

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2021.11.29 17:12 notNezter Nissan to invest $17.6 billion over next five years to ramp up electric vehicle offering

Nissan to invest $17.6 billion over next five years to ramp up electric vehicle offering submitted by notNezter to electricvehicles [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 17:12 ThatChainGuy119 What type of algae is this, and how do I control its spread?

What type of algae is this, and how do I control its spread? submitted by ThatChainGuy119 to Aquariums [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 17:12 L3T Ideas/Advice on how to best add 'self-righting' to my RC 'Surfer Dude' as he currently gets stuck on his side after being dumped in the surf (pics enclosed)

This is a kyosho surfer dude with the 'NQD' mods.
Its never self-righted properly, but has gotten worse since bigger motocontrollelipo. The 'dude' on top can (kind of) pivot just like a real surfer does to change his weight bearing. Unfortunately with age and many big waves, its got shitty at keeping centred at steering=neutral. Often pulls weight massively one way but hardly the other. I've stripped the surfer of the fancy puppetry wires, and dropped a servo in the process.
I would also like to add a counter-weight as a keel like addition to the bottom-most section of hull. Is this an ok idea, or has anyone got a better one?
See pics for my v0.1 proposed idea, but hesitant to commit with 2-part epoxy. Require some encouragement on whether this/weights is the only option. Its 2 metal brackets, with a slice of lead sheet from my roofing mate. I will of course streamline this down with angle grindefiles to a smooth finish after epoxying.
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2021.11.29 17:11 SeaTrIx Just created my first NFTs, would appreciate some feedback and maybe tell me what you think. Link in Comments :)

Just created my first NFTs, would appreciate some feedback and maybe tell me what you think. Link in Comments :) submitted by SeaTrIx to NFTsMarketplace [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 17:11 JohnsWall Shoes and outer wear for HH

Hey everyone, I’m starting a job in home health and will be going into homes in a pretty rough area of Philadelphia. With winter coming, what shoes do you typically wear into homes? Also, I don’t want to wear my more expensive winter coat into some of these homes as I won’t know where to place my jacket once inside. Do you guys wear your coats into peoples homes?
Hope that these questions don’t come off as insensitive :O thank you!
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2021.11.29 17:11 unknown2574 I just thought of something. Do the summoned Goblins know Japanese?

I think they do know japanese (both reading and writing). Just like the NPCs know how to read and write without ever learning it. The goblins do have the intelligent to speak, so they can probably read and write too. I think the world translator just their japanese into the native language. I would like to hear you opinions on it. What do you think?
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2021.11.29 17:11 smoothlikeag5 Who else has the percentage rating system?

I see a lot of people still have the star rating system, my rating system is done by percentage, I'm curious to know who else has the percentage system?
I feel out of place whenever I see the posts ranting about ratings because I don't know how to compare the two except by the general "Standard or excellent", that IC shows when you're at a certain percentage.
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2021.11.29 17:11 justsayin305 I took a day off, but she is still a hot MESS….please enjoy and add onto this cyber Monday crazy RANT summary 🤣

Blames house guests (MIL and Matt’s mountain man friend of course) for her unable to stream on Friday (ummmm, why couldn’t Matt sit quietly in the background or in the family room? Is he really the toddler you say he is and can’t control himself??? Lol). Next year she is going to stream from her car 🤣🤣, tries to make Qavon fans feel bad for her acting like a waitress and having to miss her Black Friday stream (grifter), tries to push her shitty “rich people’s cream” (boss babe slathers the oily looking crap and tries hard to convince her wacky base it’s superior 🤣), “it’s like glimmer sticks fucked Brad Pitt and had a baby” then points to some shit lip liner 😳, she been having crazy insomnia and is “drugging herself with Benadryl” (SURE it’s Benadryl and I bet you can’t sleep,,,you know your MIL knows about your affair with Ian 🤷🏻‍♀️), now she knows all about Marilyn Manson and his backstage habits, like she has first hand knowledge 🙄, goes on about parents being shit parents,,,she also blames her own mother (not here but often) for all of her bad disgusting behaviors (time to be accountable for yourself Stinkdrianne), rails on her ex husband and brags how she just walked away without money (ummm, you are only mad bc your MIL is a huge Brady Bunch fan and she always had a crush on Peter, you are also mad bc your marrIage was a TV show and he had an ironclad prenup 🤣), being Christian is hard bc she is selfish, self serving and self worshiping (oh she said she is not those things 🤣🤣,,,irony at it’s best), oh boy,,,,people in the US are supposed to stop thinking and talking about slavery (they are whining for attention money and free stuff 😳) bc there is sex slavery going on (stop it, you are racist and this isn’t helping you look any better 🤬), wait, now “they” sell women at the Kentucky derby? 😳 (is this like pizza gate? 😳), Jesus would destroy BLM 😳😳, “no one in America is oppressed” 😳😳😳, her explanation of the natives and colonization,,,,I just can’t 🙃🙄🙃🙄, tried to throw “my whole career was due to a black woman” so she can claim she isn’t racist for throwing Tyra (who wants nothing to do with her white trash ass) an underhanded complement, she is trying to look all beautiful for her Christmas tree photo with Matt today (her makeup looks like a prostitute for her second and final photo of the year that her weirdo husband “allows” her to take of them 🤣), her family gets Avon for Christmas (wow, what a treat 🤣🤣), her husband gives her gift cards for Christmas (that has to piss her off pretty good 🤣, especially when he buys them with her boss babe cash 🤣), she is MAAAADDD at her usurper and begging her Qavon supporters to bring her back to number 1 (I swear this is just a grifting ploy to trick her dumbass followers to buy more, I bet she is still in first and will act all surprised), tells dumb story about how oppression of gay people in small towns doesn’t happen bc her gay cousin didn’t notice it (same way your husband saw Trump flags strewn about the country as far as the eye could see 🙄🙄🙄), makes fun of American kids and their aspirations to be an influencer or twitch video game player (funny, that’s exactly what she and her lazy husband tried to do and failed and now hocks crap MLM to a bunch of trumpers and he camps in the front yard 🙃), she let her MIL buy their groceries (ummm, she probably did it bc all you do is bitch about giving people breakfast, lunch and dinner), still pushing her crappy Christmas cards 🤣, gives one final plea for the QAvon followers to buy some cheap shit with her greasy looking face, inside out top and $3 hooker makeup look, and scene.
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2021.11.29 17:11 Able-You9223 Kumba, Me, Spray Paint, Couch, 2019

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2021.11.29 17:11 sometimesisleeptoo Prison Mike by @mohitdraws

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2021.11.29 17:11 Bloody_Disgusting Jason Reitman Reveals That Dad Ivan Reitman Has a Cameo Appearance in ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ [Image]

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2021.11.29 17:11 HelpMe123456788 Ah yes, magroove's emails are just great

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2021.11.29 17:11 Fatabil1ty I sure do grapple a lot as Scout but...

I sure do grapple a lot as Scout but... submitted by Fatabil1ty to DeepRockGalactic [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 17:11 epadron206 Hi, from my collection “Women & Polymita” Maria’s series, 3 NFTs, 3 canvas, Tres Marias, beauty and complexity. Hope you like them. (Link in comment).

Hi, from my collection “Women & Polymita” Maria’s series, 3 NFTs, 3 canvas, Tres Marias, beauty and complexity. Hope you like them. (Link in comment). submitted by epadron206 to CryptoArt [link] [comments]

2021.11.29 17:11 rg9000 Diablo 3 Ultimate Vs Darksiders Genesis (PS4)

Looking for ARPG couch co-op with more casual gaming OH. Both these games are 2/3rd off on PSN sale right now. Played D3 (base) a long while ago, but keen to try Necromancer class. However really intrigued by Darksiders Genesis as I really like the franchise, and the split screen seems a bit less "frantic" (we appreciate this in It Takes Two). Do either game offer drop-in/out? Is one a more relaxed/chilled option? If you've played eitheboth I'd appreciate your thoughts.
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2021.11.29 17:11 FemboyStatus Does anyone else think they should add Drivatars to online?

Okay so hear me out. First off, no, I do not believe they should function like they do in Solo. Make them ghosted, so that they appear as a solid vehicle whenever you drive close to or around them, but become ghosted when you want to touch them. This would make the online world feel way more alive.
Because let's be honest, even if they could somehow make 500 player lobbies, they would be way less lively than just a world with AI, as everyone is always off doing their own thing. So let's make the world feel alive, add drivatars to online, make them populate the world so it always felt like there were genuine people there. Give actual drivers a uniquely colored name or some sort of signification that they're actual people so you can always tell them apart.
Maybe modify the drivatars or code unique AI so that they're always doing a unique activity. Have like 10 drivatars in every lobby constantly drag racing, have some drift down the volcano, make some park at certain locations to recreate the feeling of a car meet, small touches like that would make the game feel so alive.
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2021.11.29 17:11 HiramHartsy Finally got to my first 10 mil from grinding, 1/10 of the way to my ultimate goal

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2021.11.29 17:11 Bajrx2 [Request] Looking to commission an artist to draw and help me design a JJBA Stand

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2021.11.29 17:11 Bloody_Disgusting ‘Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong’ Delayed to May 2022

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2021.11.29 17:11 JJIlg New chapter release. King Regent.

A new chapter has been released on Tapas.
Tapas Episode 418
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2021.11.29 17:11 drivinggun Advice needed

All of my prints are usually great but every once and a while this occurs. Ideas? The brim looks awesome.
I have an Ender 3 pro and I followed the creators settings from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5129377
Thanks in advance for your help (I do not know all of the terminology to search for what to call this)
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