Newton Referral Code - New users get a $25 sign up bonus after trading $100.

2022.01.25 04:39 UberMisty82 Newton Referral Code - New users get a $25 sign up bonus after trading $100.

Say hello to Newton.
No-fee crypto trading for Canadians.
Buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more instantly.
Newton is crypto as it should be: with a native mobile app, instant approval, and no commissions.
Link to your bank account to add or withdraw funds seamlessly. Leave your crypto with them, or move it to your own wallet. The choice is yours.
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Bonus, after $100 traded you will be credited an extra $25
You can keep trading or withdraw at any time.
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2022.01.25 04:39 BlackDemon888 Guys, I just made the biggest mistake of my life: out of nostalgia I made a new account on Brawl Stars .. Since it's a dead game, do you think I was wrong?

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2022.01.25 04:39 EIphie [Submission] Sweeney Todd Alternate Orchestra (aka Smaller band)

As requested :)
As a reminder the link is good for 7 days.
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2022.01.25 04:39 sparko1231 Are 45 colt ammo hard to find these days?

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2022.01.25 04:39 FxGecko Forex Scam Alert:Axion Trade prevented investors from withdrawing their money and maliciously blew up their accounts, causing them to lose over $1 million!

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2022.01.25 04:39 Status-Disk-8933 36 [M4F] Boring day at work, let's chat?

Hey! I need to pass a lot of boring hour here at work alone in my room. Do you keep me company?
I'm a 36 years old italian and i'm searching for some women to talk, bonus if over 30.
If you want message me and let's exchange our kik!
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2022.01.25 04:39 roooit newCRYPTOlisting: Tranquil Finance (TRANQ) now listed on Hotbit
You heard it first here! Tranquil Finance (TRANQ) is now available for purchase or trade on Hotbit

Tranquil Finance (TRANQ) Price $0.362954
Price change (24 Hrs) ****
24 Hrs Low / 24 Hrs High $0.255140 / $0.382168
Trading Volume 24 hrs $953,500
Market Cap $11,984,123
Total Supply 1,000,000,000 Tranquil Finance (TRANQ)
Tranquil Finance price today is $0.362954 with a 24-hour trading volume of $953,500. TRANQ price is up 18.3% in the last 24 hours. It has a circulating supply of 33 Million TRANQ coins and a total supply of 1 Billion. If you are looking to buy or sell Tranquil Finance, Sushiswap (Harmony) is currently the most active exchange. Tranquil Finance is the first algorithmic money market protocol for Harmony ONE. It allows users to lend and borrow their assets trustlessly on a blockchain with very cheap and fast transactions.
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2022.01.25 04:39 dominick2233 Puppy loves to cuddle with his best bud.

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2022.01.25 04:39 FlintStoned- 1 Free $hi Dollar or more a day // FREE CRYPTO // FREE MONEY // Easy passive income!

Claim your daily free Hi Dollar via the mobile app, web app or even via Telegram and Whatsapp bots!
When joining the hi dollar program, you need an invite referral code. You can use mine: flinttt
Increase your own earnings by inviting your friends too and receive 50% of everything your friends get, including all downstream friend's rewards who claims their daily reward!
Easy money, easy passive income! 🤑
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2022.01.25 04:39 At3xes Informatica e algoritmica

Ciao a tutti, l’anno prossimo farò informatica all’uni e volevo chiedervi come potevo esercitarmi e studiare approfonditamente algoritmica (programmazione dinamica, ricerca operativa ecc). Affinché diventi pro in leetcode per poi avere opportunità di lavorate in progetti molto fighi (questo era il mio pensiero).
Volevo inoltre chiedervi come una persona del mio livello (so risolvere gli algoritmi con c++ con complessità esponenziale, senza essere in grado di ottimizzare l’algoritmo) può iniziare ad esercitarsi per prepararsi bene all’uni.
Grazie in anticipo a tutti :D
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2022.01.25 04:39 Nearby_Historian_311 No idea if I’m making enough progress?

So I started my PhD in fall 2020 and was working on a project (simulation based) which didn’t boost my research and it was heading towards “impossible”. My advisor switched me to another project and I have only made little progress so far. I haven’t published any papers yet. I have a research prelim coming up in few months and yet to have something solid to present. My advisor did give me confidence that it’ll be fine and that I’ll be working on experiments now. But our lab is yet to be setup and it was delayed since 2020 because of covid and other concerns. I’m worried if I’m just “too slow” in research and what the future holds. I do like my research area and want to continue with it. And my 2 lab-mates did get at-least one paper published starting with me or later. Unavailability of my advisor to set up a meeting makes things worse. Does anyone have any advice? Has anyone been through this?
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2022.01.25 04:39 sallti My sweatshirt i bought at a flee market with no tag 😢

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2022.01.25 04:39 FilekPL LEGO set up to 200$

Hey, I recently wanted to get back into Lego but I don't know which set to buy. I'm looking for something that I can display on my shelf (was thinking about the globe), but I also want it to be worth the price because I don't have a lot of budget. Cheers
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2022.01.25 04:39 Suspicious_Contact96 How to fall back in love with your boyfriend?

I am dating a 21(M) and we are long distance approximately 2500 miles. He is the sweetest boy and has shown me how to be loved as this is my first relationship. He may be the sweetest boy I have ever met, but that doesn't excuse the problems we've faced based on his and my insecurities. These range from what type of clothes I wear out to having guy friends. This isn't really important but yeah lol.
Anyways, lately, he's been dealing with depression. As someone who does not know how to express emotions easily nor comfort other people, it's really hard for me to be there for him when he needs it. The problem with this is that he seems to get depressed when things aren't going his way (which is completely okay). I understand the struggles of feeling like the world is falling apart, but the smallest things will trigger him to say things like "I never thought I would make it out of high school." For example, he got locked out of his apartment and started saying suicidal/depressive statements. It frustrates me, because I know he deals with depression and want to be there for him, but for some reason, I get really angry when he says these things out of the smallest inconvenience.
Current situation is that he is completely online during his 4th year of undergrad. He should be studying for the GRE and applying to Grad programs (which he has expressed interest in last semester). I helped him draft emails to his professors, searched up masters programs from where he's from, and just tried to get him organized. He would rather just spend his days waking up at 3-4pm, playing video games, and just essentially being a bum all day. I recently casually said, "Not to alarm you or anything, but it's almost February and you planned to take the GRE in April." Ever since then, he's been making it known that he's depressed and I want to help him, but I'm incredibly frustrated at him. I just feel like this relationship isn't what I imagined anymore.
I've also asked him for effort multiple times in the past month and told him that he tries for like 2 days and then stops again. I've been putting my needs in this relationship aside, because he keeps expressing that he is depressed. I am trying to be there for him, but it's hard when he's putting in no effort to make changes to get out of this depression. I'm starting to feel like my love is deteriorating.
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2022.01.25 04:39 ElChapo-1__ BINGO CASH £10 CODE 5CA5VE

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2022.01.25 04:39 pumpkincake_19 My 19 year old brother and I have to share a bed for a while

Yesterday was the first night and we slept naked (everyone does that in my family). The beds pretty small and in his sleep he hugged me. I was awake and for some reason got a boner
I feel so ashamed.
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2022.01.25 04:39 RinaChoice 10 Cardio & Core Exercises | Beginner & No Repeat

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2022.01.25 04:39 Sx1ntVex Ethan needs to review issac Butterfields reaction to the Joe Rogan stuff

I'd like to see Ethan doing a video reacting to this video by Isaac Butterfield taking Joe rogans side
Isaac Butterfields video on Ethan
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2022.01.25 04:39 DacoMaximus Ce vrea de fapt Putin? Eliberarea frateasca a Ucrainei de sub jugul ... libertatii?

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2022.01.25 04:39 kaanorkun Red Bull's five F2 drivers targeting promotion to an F1 seat in 2023 · RaceFans

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2022.01.25 04:39 Investingfoodmoney Wondering.

Is it possible that Loopring can jump on the Cosmos (ATOM) ecosystem as a L2 ? If so that would be huge imo. Thoughts?
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2022.01.25 04:39 SPARKS-360 Made a "page" overviewing the race in my world as a start. open for discussion :)

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2022.01.25 04:39 MusicLabBeats [Afro Trap] Type Beat - "Malimba" #2022

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2022.01.25 04:39 p1g_city 🇳Ed 🇭🅰️s 🇹he sU🇸s y dri🇵 🤬🙏

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2022.01.25 04:39 Blank_eye00 India claws back ground lost to China in Sri Lanka

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